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My name is Faye Arcand and I’m a writer with a twisted–weird–brain. It keeps me on my toes because it never stops looking for a story, an angle, or a character.  For years I thought everyone thought like that but when I actually dived into the writer world I realized that it’s unique and dare I say a bit odd.

I didn’t start  writing seriously until my son started school full time and now he’s now getting set to graduate high school. During all those years there were months where I didn’t write a single word on paper. In my brain though I was still writing constantly–it never, ever stopped. And, when I did finally find the time to sit down and pick up a pen I was able to translate those observations into stories

I’ve gotten ahead of myself though. 

In this blog I want to share the journey. I want to look at all the crazy things that pass through my brain and share them for the first time ever. I have more formal and structured writing that I need to do but here I want to talk about the middle of night sessions where I wake up and have to write something down, or the times when I’m in the store and the perfect character passes by and I follow them around studying the way they walk. Yikes! I haven’t been nabbed as a stalker yet.

Come on this crazy journey with me and we’ll see where we end up. I want to talk about the every day stuff. The struggle to find a word, the euphoria when you do, and the satisfaction of seeing it in a sentence. I want to chat about my journey in the writing world and the thoughts that surround it. 

I like to teach, not preach. I belong to three different writing groups, in three different towns. Each has unique members and ideas but all allow me to network, learn, and connect with other writers. All are characters in their own rite. 

It’s my intention to answer all comments if I can–so please feel free to leave a note or thought. If you want me to talk about something specific, just let me know. 

Alrighty, let’s go! Hang on…

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