My Twisted Writer Brain…

Writer On the Road to Where?

Almost three weeks ago now I jumped into an RV older than my kid (who’s in University btw) and made off into the wild blue yonder–aka…head south…winter is coming to Canada…get out while you can…go …

It’s the call of the snowbird needing the warmth of the south. My husband was excited by the idea of being in the sun…ugh. It’s an interesting concept–Leave the comforts of your home to travel in a teeny-tiny-wee-little-itty-bitty thing called a recreational vehicle. Yeah, sure–sounds, um–like a challenge. Oh, and shhh…have I told you I don’t like the heat?

I explained to my husband that going on the road didn’t preclude my work commitments and I’d need time to actually write, compose, post, submit, and otherwise communicate with the writing world. He readily assured me that he would give me lots of space (have I told you about the 24-foot rv?), time to be creative, and get work done.

Well, it’s been interesting. Yesterday I wrote almost an entire nonfiction book proposal that I’ll polish off at home. I’ve also written a detailed outline for my next book, met some real characters that are screaming to come to life between the pages, I’ve also kept up with my column (Auntie Says…) and, My Twisted Writer Brain… well, it’s still twisted–so that’s all good.

The funny thing is, that as a writer at home, I’d distract myself with things like laundry, grocery shopping, car maintenance, appointments, lunch dates, etc. The diversions on the road are, how shall I say, a bit more worldly.

Instead of writing all the time I’ve learned to play poker at the large casinos in Las Vegas, have become quite accomplished at mixing the perfect gin and tonic, developed a paranoia about whether or not the dog is on a leash, and of course caved on will-power and given up on any, and all, good-sense choices to the American junk and fast food industries–why fight it?

Is this idea of writing on the road a success? The final verdict isn’t quite in but last night I beat my hubby in a game of crib, stared at the desert skies to witness the brilliant beauty of the sparkling stars, and we’ve spent more time together this trip than we have in the last few months.

Let’s face it. At home I have a large comfy office, a nice bathroom with a shower I don’t need to plug with quarters, a yard for the dog, and electronic entertainment is at my fingertips but on the road, work is still getting done, I’ve read two books, made multiple lists of travel observations that may make it into a book one day, have seen much of Arizona and Nevada, and reacquainted with my husband.


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