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Do You Have Any Idea Who’s Watching You?

Twenty years ago as we wrote on our tired typewriters we didn’t have to worry about who saw what we were pumping out–but things have changed.

Our world has changed. Every day we’re on social media commenting, posting, and liking. Have you ever considered the electronic trail you’re leaving and what it says about you?

Once your stuff is floating out there in cyberspace you’ve lost all control over who can read it. Imagine if Stephen King perused your blog–it could happen. Maybe Prince Harry has cruised through Twitter and comes upon one of your tweets…or Perhaps J.K.Rowling liked one of your short stories… You could have secret followers that you know nothing about. A world renowned literary agent could be assessing your social media skills…

The possibilities are endless.

The next time you post something do it like the world is watching–because they are–whether you realize it or not.

You never know….

9 thoughts on “Do You Have Any Idea Who’s Watching You?”

  1. And wouldn’t that be awesome if some person you admire was following you. But then there’s the other side. When I was hired at my current job, I had a conversation with one of the managers. I had been admiring the photos on the wall, when he told me he had taken them.
    “Oh,” I said, “I take pictures, too.”
    “I know. I Googled you when you applied.”
    I had a moment of panic wondering what he knew about me just from googling my name. I had to go google myself to see what was out there. And once it’s out there, it’s nearly impossible to erase it.
    I tell my kids all the time to be careful what they post. It could come back and bite you..

  2. Sally! You are so right. What you put out there on the www is there to stay. You don’t know who’s watching or reading–good or bad. All the comments you like on Facebook or Twitter are there for others to judge. Politics, religion, social bias’, prejudices,….it’s all there. We need to be aware and always right like someones watching…because they are.
    Thanks for commenting Sally. And yes, googling your name is always a good idea and is often one of the first things potential employers will do.

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