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Stay Strong and Push Through to Success

There comes a time when you really need to buckle down and get the job done.

In these days of isolation and quarantine, I’ve had my struggles with finding the drive to get anything accomplished, but I pushed through.

First, I had to deal with this guilt I felt over having so much time on my hands and yet accomplishing nothing of any substance.

I needed to embrace the writer within me and let the words out. The story was already lodged in my psyche so it’s just a matter of sitting down to work. No one would (or could) do it for me and I REALLY didn’t want to look back in a few months and have regrets that I missed an opportunity to write when I had no other demands on my time.

So, everyday on Instagram (Instagram: follow me @FayedotArcand) I post a picture of my word count every day–even if it’s only 100 words. It all moves you forward, right? Any count that moves you forward is a good thing. You need not commit to 5k a day… Do 1000, or 500, or 250. But the key is if you commit–then DO it.

About a week in, my friend Lorna messaged me and asked me what the numbers meant. She was excited and jumped on the wagon with me and now she is my Accountability-Buddy. We have a daily check-in and encourage each other to keep going. I’ve also received so much support from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook followers.

You may not realize how empowering those likes or comments are! It’s amazing to see so many people cheering for me. It spurs me forward and I need to say a huge thank you to all.

I will tell you that a first draft of a manuscript looks nothing like the finished product after several rewrites. Never think your first draft is the end product…oh, that could be ugly. 

Right now my manuscript looks like a messy plate of spaghetti with watery sauce, no cheese or garlic toast. The oregano, vegetables, and shrimp are lacking too. But that’s okay. I know this is the bones of the story and I need to get it down in hard copy so I can then go back and stir it slowly as I add spice, aroma, and depth.

Today is April 18, 2020 and my word count for my novel is at 47,571 which is an average of 2642 word per day. By the end of April, I’ll have a completed first draft (aiming for 75k) which will then need to marinate and eventually be torn apart and rewritten two, or more, times. If you don’t write the first draft, you have nothing to edit. 

Many people say they will write a book, but my question is, if not now, when?

10 thoughts on “Stay Strong and Push Through to Success”

  1. Great blog! (per usual!)

    It’s true Faye, every word moves you forward. I only wrote 200 words in my WIP today, usually I would feel awful about it, but today I didn’t. It was a solid 200 words; lately my mind hasn’t been “in the game”, but today I enjoyed the writing for the writing. I showed myself some grace — no regrets!

    I’m committed to writing– that’s it! I’m going to take the stress of word count out of the scenario.

    1. Hi Jae. Good for you! That’s 200 new words out into the universe that weren’t there the day before. Sometimes we can pressure ourselves so much that it blocks and clogs the creative flow…that is so counterproductive. We are often way too hard on ourselves to our own detriment. Be kind and gentle with yourself. Live life and experience the moments. The writing will come through. Jae, thank you so much for the support. It means a lot. xoxo

  2. I can relate to this posting and I love the way you use food to describe a first draft.

    1. Hi Heather. Thanks so much for commenting. It is so greatly appreciated. Oh I tell you my messy plate of spaghetti is sliding all over the plate…lol…but there are some real gems hidden in there and that’s what comes out. If I don’t write then they’ll be lost in the compost. Thanks again Heather. I’m so thankful for your support.

  3. “If you don’t write the first draft, you have nothing to edit.” I like this.

    1. Thanks Marilyn. I’m not sure I’m doing this to set an example so much as I am to let all know that they too can push through and keep going. Doesn’t need to look pretty or perfect but if you keep putting one foot in front of the other the destination comes a little closer each time. Thanks so much for your support. xoxo

  4. Yes, daily progress gets you there. I’m editing book 3 of my romantic comedy series. I want to have all 3 books polished before I self-publish. So, every misplaced comma and spelling mistake corrected is progress. Faye, I look forward to reading your novels when they hit the best-seller list.

    1. Thanks Aggie! Your support is so appreciated. It’s been a weird time in history but I am trying to push through it. I also look forward to those three promised books. Get ’em out there! xo

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