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To/Too/Two, Your/You’re, and There/They’re/Their –Which One?

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You can hear people screaming all over the English speaking world as they read things where it’s evident that the writer/author doesn’t know the different spellings and meaning of

HOMOPHONES: Words pronounced the same but with different meanings and/or spelling.

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Now, as a writer with a self-admitted Twisted Writer Brain I’ve never enjoyed spelling and/or grammar but I must’ve had a very good teacher along the way because these words do not plague. Don’t get me started on commas though–seriously they are my nemesis.

I’m not going to beat it into you but I will tell you that when you’re writing in a professional capacity spelling COUNTS.

I’ll just say that one more time…

Spelling counts.

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If you’re on Twitter or Texting I really don’t care if you use UR for you’re or you are… That’s a casual use of the words.

If you’re going to submit a manuscript to an agent or you’re doing a query letter, blog post, or freelance pitch you best watch your spelling.

First: turn spell check on your computer. It’s there for a reason.

I’m not going to get into adjectives, pronouns, third person plural possessive, or present particles because I’d have to go wash out my eyes….

BUT you CAN commit them to memory.

Here goes:

If you are going to the store, you’re going toward it.

If you have a sentence where you can substitute very or also then it is too. Eg: OMG, that’s just too cute.

TWO: Think of the W as 2 v’s … 1=1=2 or two.

On we go…

Their is a third person plural possessive (lmao). Think of people. That is their dog. OK. Picture the little person as the i.

There is a place or direction. We are going there. Put it there. Notice the arrow and commit it to memory.

They’re is a contraction for They Are. See the picture where they put the missing ‘a’ instead of the apostrophe.

And last but not least…

Your is possessive


You’re is a contraction for you are.

All I can say is learn them. Done.

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