Faye Arcand

Hey Do you Have Questions? You Can me Ask Right Now!

If you could ask any question to someone a bit older and hopefully wiser, what would it be?

Would you ask about sex? money? Relationship issues? Mental health? How to deal with your parent? or Maybe something has happened at school or with your friends?

Sometimes, the only thing lacking in our life is a trusted person to talk to. I’m not referring to a close friend who will support your rant or anger but someone who listens and challenges you to find the best solution for all concerned parties. Someone who is probably older and more experienced in life issues.

If you can find a mentor, whether through an organization like Big Brothers/Big Sisters https://bigbrothersbigsisters.ca or family or friends, it can be life-changing. A mentor is one who truly listens–not only to the words but to the intention behind the words. The ones you don’t speak about because you’re too shy or embarrassed.

They’ll keep your secrets and assist you in times when you need to seek help or are required to speak your truth. Judgement is not passed because it’s a relationship of trust.

If you, or anyone you know, need someone to talk to look to older family members (Aunties and Uncles are truly amazing), teachers, or perhaps a trusted pastor.

It’s not good to let things fester and eat you from the inside out.

I’ve discussed things like dating manipulation, abuse, teen suicide, bullying, and so many more issues. I know it can be difficult to get the message out but feel free to use those posts to start a conversation with anyone–even a potential mentor.

If you want to contact me through my website please use the contact page. Maybe you have a question that you’d like for me to address in an article. I can do that. Just click here: http://fayearcand.com/contact/

The most important thing is to start a conversation, build some trust, and continue the discussion of what’s happening in your life. Things do get better but sometimes you need a little help. There’s no harm in asking.

And if you don’t need a mentor maybe you can become a mentor.

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