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Will You Add Covid-19 to Your Story?

It’s such a fascinating time we live in. Everything around us is changing. Some day we’ll look back and marvel over the huge societal shifts that took place during this pandemic.

If you’re in the middle of writing a book now I’d be curious as to whether you’re weaving in this new narrative. The virus, the marches, and the world embracing change.

Will you go back and rewrite scenes to put in the lockdown, the isolation, or the thousands of deaths that occurred during the first wave of the pandemic. I think there needs to at least be mention of the panic, the inspirations, and/er the front line staff.

For me the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter will have to enter into my fiction as these are not passing fads or a one term president, they’re a worldwide reality that affect so many people in so many ways.

If you’ve already written the story that is supposed to be taking place now there are some ways to reflect back in the narrative without going through the whole process of writing the pandemic.

The death of a grandparent or elder for example. It’s a reality that the elderly have been over represented in the deaths due to covid-19 because of the infections that got into the senior homes.

Also overrepresented in the covid-19 number are the black and marginalized communities. That can be referenced to show inequality in healthcare services.

A few other things that come to mind are the politics, the economy, and the social media game play (ie: TicToc). Have some fun with it. You’re the writer.

I look forward to reading the books to see exactly what comes out.

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