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What Does it Mean to be On Evacuation? Well, I Learned First Hand.

On Tuesday, everyone in my neighbourhood was evacuated due to a wild fire.

We’re not sure how it started but I was working Tuesday morning when I got a text from my friend

  • Gina: “Is that fire near you?”
  • Me: “Oh Oh. What fire?”
  • Gina: “Maybe it’s not you.”
  • Me: I run and look: “Oh my. It’s right across the street.”
This is the beginnings of the fire just across the street from me. We don’t know yet what started the fire but hopefully they’ll figure it out. It’s in very difficult terrain so is mostly air assault.
Waiting at the Evacuation Centre. Was hoping to get a hotel room but all were booked. It was so hot (35C+, in the middle of a pandemic, wild fire raging….not fun…)

Well, needless to say the day ended up in us getting a 15 minutes evacuation order. Believe me when I say that 15 minutes is not a long time.

I grabbed medications, a few changes of clothes, and a bottle of wine. I threw a few pictures in a bag but was of the mindset that if they were lost to fire enough people I know have so many of the same pix so I could replace them.

I think it’s also a bit of denial happening in the back of my mind. That sort of avoidance type thinking of saying to yourself….well, if I leave the pictures here the house will be fine because it has to be…simple as that. Does that even make sense? You see if I took them then there’d be no reason for the house not to burn…..ugh…twisted brain. whatever.

So we registered with the local authorities and then sought shelter with my cousin and her husband who live in a neighbouring community. It was crazy to watch the hillside burn through the night. The following day helicopters and bombers were on it big time.

This is a screen shot I took from our security camera over the garage. Shows forestry and firefighters on the ground and protecting the neighbourhood. I’ve seen patrols and pump trucks to put out sudden hot spots. The fire fighting team is doing a great job.
So, where that arrow is pointing is where my house is. They’re bombing right behind/beside our house. It’s tough to figure out the depth of where they are but they’re in the hood protecting us.
After a Tuesday night glow in the sky the firefighters hit the hills on Wednesday and Thursday with all they had. The helicopters and bombers didn’t stop until sundown.
What do you do during a pandemic-wild fire evacuation? You have a martini of course!

It seems calmer now but lightening and winds are forecast for this afternoon–so we’re not completely out of the woods.

We’re all safe. Hope to go home soon.

The generosity of friends, family and community has been overwhelming and I must tell you how appreciated it all is. I’m only a text away.

The year of 2020 will not be forgotten but will go down as a constant reminder that we are not the ones in charge here and anything can–and will–happen at any time.

Thanks all.

I’d also like to add that there are wildfires all over the world. Check out my friends blog from California where the fires rage. Like she says: Is this this new normal?

12 thoughts on “What Does it Mean to be On Evacuation? Well, I Learned First Hand.”

    1. lol. Thanks Sally. Well, here’s the way I look at it…When the world and your life are uprooted and seemingly out of control due to no fault of your own then you do what you do best and take a bit of that control back and for me that’s done through writing. Tenacious? You betcha. lol. Love you back. xo

  1. I, too, was amazed to see your continuing posts. Super well-done, Faye. Keeping up the writing even in the most trying times is a huge sign you’re a born writer. Plus, you now have more material for a book. Clear skies this Sat. 22nd morning, so I sincerely hope you and your family are home again soon. All the best & love to you.

    1. Hi Aggie. Yes we were hoping to get back in today but fire services said winds are switching back to the south towards the community so still evacuated. sigh. All good. Thank you for all you do with the volunteering. Simply amazing.

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