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Blogging. Is it Worth the Time?

I recently passed the 200 blog count. Pretty good eh? It was a lot of work to tell you the truth.

I do two blogs. This one…My Twisted Writer Brain which is about all things writing and I do Auntie Says… which is a blog about giving advice, observations, and opinion from an Auntie’s perspective to young people. Check it out here if you like.

This is my Auntie Says… headshot.

A few months ago I decided to up the game with my blog and do it more consistently. The work has paid off in more traffic and followers but I’m not sure how that translates into the real writing world.

I’m a novelist. It used to be that I’d blog when my brain wouldn’t let me write for whatever reason. Sometimes writing blogs became my workout centre where the brain relaxed and I let things go. This freed up the gunk to allow the freedom I needed for my “real” writing to flourish.

I’ve sucessfully completed three full manuscripts.

The first is a Young Adult (YA) issues book that would be classified as a Thriller. With this book I signed with an agent at The Rights Factory. It hasn’t sold unfortunately but I’m still hopeful, as is my agent.

My second novel is a contemporary women’s fiction thriller (with YA leanings). It deals with a woman who befriends a young girl and the relationship that grows from there.

My third novel is again a YA thriller. It is currently in rewrites.

My next book is knocking on the door but in the meantime I blog and get the extra words out of me… does that make sense? Writing is writing. For me it needs to be done on a daily basis and blogging is the perfect way. It’s almost like a warm up for my brain.

I’m hoping with my blog that I can build a base and platform for my writing so when my first book is published it doesn’t sit lonely upon a shelf, but has friends and readers who want to have it in their hands immediately.

Have I done that with my blog? Built up an audience, I mean.

I don’t know. Perhaps yes. Perhaps no. But I must continue to write and present myself in my blog to whomever choses to read. I want to remain positive in the experience in that I believe it helps My Twisted Writer Brain discuss, debate, and present issues that readers and writers may be interested in.

I’d really like more interaction on my blog. More comments, shares, and likes but I suppose that comes down to content doesn’t it? People/readers need to like and enjoy what I’m presenting. I feel like I put a pretty good product out there for the reader to consume–please tell me if I’m wrong. Sometimes it’s about entertaining, teaching, learning, ranting…. a little bit of everything.

I do know that it takes a lot for someone to take the time to actually make a comment or chose to follow. I wish I knew the magic that brought about more readers but I’m happy with what I’m doing and will persevere.

Should you blog?

I think you should if you’re unable to write on a regular basis. Treat the blog as your place to get things out–to clear your brain of the everyday thoughts that bang around. If people chose to read then it’s a bonus. The key is consistency and believe me it’s harder than it appears.

The other thing is that blogging does get your writing out there. If you’re looking to get an agent the first thing they’ll do is google your name. Make sure something positive turns up on that name google–a blog may be the perfect thing.

I’m gonna just keep chugging along for the next 200!

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11 thoughts on “Blogging. Is it Worth the Time?”

  1. One of the great things about consistent blogging is that it gets Google search to notice you and bump you up in the search results! So you’ll get more noticed by people searching–just make sure you’re using popular search keywords in your posts 🙂

    1. Hi Norma. Yes. It was actually Jane Friedman who told me that I needed to blog a minimum of three times a week. The SEO is a totally different thing with the search words. I try and think like a ‘searcher’….lol. Definitely getting more traffic since upping the game. It’s a lot of work. JF says you gotta do this for about two years then you can go down to 2/week if you’ve got the followers. So still a long way to go.

  2. First of all, congrats on 200 that’s amazing. Second, love that Auntie Says headshot! Third, I agree you should chug along for the next 200 and keep going. I found that while I don’t need to blog every day to get traffic, I do need to blog consistently. I think it also helps to do a lot of liking and commenting on other people’s posts if and when you have the time. Keep at it- I definitely think your content is good! 🙂 I’m working on some novels too, so we have a lot of common ground 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and thanks for all your nice words. I was just thinking I needed a new headshot…lol. Blogging consistently is almost like a full time job. It’s time consuming. But I love it. I so agree with you about engaging with others. That is such great advice and something I need to make more of an effort to do. Congrats on the novels. That’s another huge feat. xo

  3. Congrats on 200 followers!! 🎉 yes, consistency is key. I agree it is hard to do but then again nothing is easy. I learned that as well and have become consistent in the last couple of months. I can definitely see the difference. Your doing a great job! Keep at it. I enjoy reading 😊

    1. Hi Azilde. Actually it was 200 blog posts that I completed. I have over 200 followers but it’s the output that I need to concentrate on. I’m so glad you enjoy the blog. That makes my day. xo

  4. You’re definitely putting out quality content indeed, that’s for sure, and seem to be doing great where growing an audience is concerned. What I’ve learned recently is that writing’s not enough though. I too am trying to figure out the science to this blogging thing.

    Anyway, congratulations on 200. Here’s to many more hundred blog posts to come!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Stuart. Yes, the whole blog thing is a mystery. Content is key though and engaging with others. You’ve got a great blog and I would recommend it to anyone.–so well done. Keep going my friend. We’ll figure it out.

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