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It’s Not the End of the World–Just the Year

As I debated what to write this week for Auntie Says… I got distracted by all the Christmas stuff going on.

snow in October? Seriously?

This is such an unusual year (yeah yeah, I know you’ve heard that a zillion times but dang it–its true)…but alas, I digress. So, yes a very strange year which of course makes me even less focused because there’s too much time to do everything.

Can you relate?

We started the whole Big Quarantine (yup, I’m gonna call it the BQ) in March, remember?

Oh my, I searched out the front window everyday for zombies to start shlepping up the hill toward the house. The world was coming to an end, right? Time for chocolate, chips, and cake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Oh, and let’s not forget twelve hours of binge watching Netflix too. Ugh.

Okay, so now we’re in what I’m gonna call the CLDWK (Confused Lock Down Who Knows).

Here we have two angels….lol

This is a time when everyone seems the most confused. In some places masks are mandated for everyone, while in others you can sit buck-naked, pick your nose, and sneeze all over the place for all anybody cares.

Just saying–there’s a wee bit of mixed messaging going on. **Heavy Sigh**

Gyms are closed but yoga–might or might not–be open depending how hot it gets, spinning is definitely out (I was out of that one anyway–don’t need to tell me twice–no sirree!), you can’t gather at home but you can go to a restaurant….

Meh, it goes on and on.

The thing is that we’re all spinning (don’t you be spinning in a class though) our wheels.

Even the dog is trying to figure out why the
tree is up so dang early.

Each day is unique and that’s okay.

It really is, because it has to be.

Right now things are still topsy-turvy and Christmas isn’t going to look the same as it has in years past. Mine is already different simply because we’ve put up the tree already.

Over the years I’ve had strict rules.

No Christmas songs until after Remembrance (Veteran’s) Day and no tree until after December 01. Well, this year got so screwed up, we had HUGE snow before Halloween, I did adhere to the November 11th rule because otherwise it feels disrespectful, and the tree went up at the end of November….earliest ever.

Sigh, traditions will have to wait until next year but I do have some ideas to share with y’all over the next couple of weeks as we get ready for Christmas.

It’s not the end of the world, it’s just the end of the year and we will go on. Things will be different that’s all.

I’m a grateful masker. I’ll wear one for you and appreciate you wearing one for me. That’s me. Stay healthy.

And as Dr. Bonnie says…

Be kind, be calm, and be safe.

Dr. Bonnie Henry Minister Of Health British Columbia.

8 thoughts on “It’s Not the End of the World–Just the Year”

    1. Hey Sally! Isn’t that the truth? I’ve been asking myself that same question a lot in the last few month…”Why Not?” It’s not hurting anyone. It makes me happy. and tomorrow will come. xoxo Missing y’all.

  1. Today I read on twitter that they started vaccination in UK, and the first recipient is a 90 years old lady. Yeah, masks saves lives, and it’s great you have put the Xmas tree earlier, to put everyone in the festive mood. Stay healthy, happy and safe:)

    1. Hi Sara. I read the same news brief. Are we finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel? I sure hope so. Yes. We do things to stay positive and must stay that way because the logistics of a vaccine rollout won’t be instant…but it’s coming. Yay. Thanks os much for stopping by Sara. I so appreciate it.

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