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Happy Weekend. My Review of the Last Week and a Reminder For You.

How was your week? Good I hope. Mine was busy though uneventful.

It certainly doesn’t feel like winter. I’m in south central British Columbia, Canada and the weather has been more spring like than winter. Hmm… While I’m not complaining per se, I’d like to maybe see a little bit of snow. (shh don’t actually tell anyone that.)

Here’s my cutie Piper and her stuffy RoRo.

This year is so different because I’m working completely from home and don’t need to venture out much so I’m not so concerned about the roads.

We had a massive snow dump before–yes before–Halloween. That one caught everyone off guard. But now here we are mid-January, and the sun is shining.

Covid goings on….

So, my mom-in-law, got her covid vaccination this week. That’s a really good thing! I’m excited to get mine and hope that it comes sooner rather than later.

From what I understand, there could be a wait before they ramp up vaccinations in Canada. Sigh–I just want it done quickly and efficiently. We have government led health care so they have the names, addresses etc. of everyone…. give me an appointment for 3AM to go to the local arena and I’ll be there. Let’s get ‘er going 24/7!

I fear losing another full year to this virus. We’re quickly approaching the one year mark when it all began and I seriously don’t want another long drawn-out year of down time. I want to meet with friends, visit my family, and resume writing events again.

Masking up…

I’ve been very impressed by the local high school students. Every time I drive by the school and I see students, they’re masked up. Looking good!

I don’t know what it’s like in the younger grades. There’s been so many mixed messages about when elementary school kids need to wear masks.

I so feel for the teachers, staff, and parents. So much confusion. The thing is that masking may become the norm. That’s my prediction.

It’s very common in Asian countries (remember I lived in Japan) where a mask is worn to protect others from your cough or sniffles.

I love the idea of it. In fact, I’ve found that I sort of enjoy the mask in that there’s a feeling of anonymity as I go about my business. idk…Maybe that’s the thriller writer in me.

Teach your kids–even younger ones–to wear a mask and keep it on. It’s a good thing.

I did it…

The week has been relatively quiet. I made what I think of as a loose commitment to enter one piece of writing a month for the entire year. Well, yesterday I sent away a short story to a contest. So check. January done.

Now the reason I say it’s a loose commitment is because I also deal with deadlines so priorties will shift, but I’m going to try. One per month.

Wait! Don’t Forget….

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Well, enjoy the day and your weekend.

6 thoughts on “Happy Weekend. My Review of the Last Week and a Reminder For You.”

  1. Firstly, can I steal Piper? I need an adorable dog in my life.
    Secondly, glad to hear your mother in law got vaccinated. Are they doing vaccine roll-out in BC smarter than they’re doing it in Alberta? Here they decided to give out all doses to as many people as possible rather than saving the second dose for contingency sake. Now they’ve run out to be able to vaccinate people with the second, required dose and they’re basically screwed.
    Sorry for ranting. I will stop filling your comments now. lol

    1. lol…rant accepted. I believe BC did the same as Alta. It’s all so frikken stupid and stressful. So now no vaccine. It’s like sh*t will this ever end.
      Hmmm….my Piper….she is my rock. Nothing bothers her and nothing stresses her out. She’s always there with a lick and a nudge….ummm no…sorry. not sorry. xoxo

  2. it sounds like a full week and good things ahead. I teach 3s and 4s, as a pre-k teacher, and they are champions about wearing masks and being safe, it’s amazing

    1. Oh Beth that is so awesome to hear. Around her there’s been so much confusion as to who’s wearing them and where…it’s been nuts. Teachers stressed. I really believe they’ll become a part of our lives and kids should be taught to wear them. Glad its working where you are. xo

  3. Very interesting post thanks for sharing! Talking about masks, I agree with you about the anonymity thing, it’s kind of cool. 😁 But I live in Sweden and I don’t think a lot of people outside Stockholm wear masks. At least they don’t where I live. And I think that the not seeing someone’s face freaks some people out. 😂 The other day I and my partner went to a small pet shop to get food for our hamster and this teenager cashier was looking at us like we’re gonna grab a fish out of some tank and run away 😂

    1. lol…I love it. I didn’t know that people weren’t wearing masks over there. (I’m in Canada)Here they’re mandated if you’re entering a store or building. It’s a huge thing.

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