My Twisted Writer Brain…

Welcome to the Week in Review to Realign Priorities and Get Things Done.

Even Piper had a DogBlue week as she found out that she needs to lose 10 pounds….poor baby. She’s booked in April for surgery on her leg. She’s now on a special diet in hopes that she’ll lose weight before the surgery. This is not fun.

The sun was shining and the lake like a mirror reflecting back the blue sky and the snow covered mountains. It would appear that spring is in the air, but it’s still only mid March and it can still turn on a dime. We’ll see.

So how was your week?

Lol…what day is it?

Oh man, my week started off with me getting the date wrong. Right day. Wrong week. So there I am waiting to join this zoom meeting and it’s not happening. I text my buddy and he says…can’t talk now. See you at next weeks meeting….OOhhhhhhhh…….

Don’t have to tell me twice. duh!

My week by so quickly I’m still catching my breath. Perhaps it’s the sunshine but there’s a new energy beginning to take over.

It could also be the fact that we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for Covid.

The vaccine roll-out in Canada has been a bit of a gong show. There have been shortages and confusion as to when more is coming. I’ll be glad when everyone is vaccinated and we can move on. Oh man, I can’t wait!

So this was a big week with International Women’s Day starting us off.

There’s such a shift in acceptance for women in the world. We still have a long way to go but when you look at the Doctors in Canada who’ve been on the front lines of the pandemic–many are women. They represent our top doctors and I’m so proud of them all.

When I think of women in my mom’s generation, most were not thinking of professions and challenges like medical school but that’s all changed now. A woman can do or be anything she wants. The power in that is fabulous.

Check out my post on listening to your gut. It is about spousal abuse (or abuse against women in general) and how we must pull together and listen.

Change is possible in all things. We learn. We grow.

Hey! Did you watch the Meghan and Harry interview?

For the most part I could care less about the whole monarchy thing. It’s outdated and ridiculous but my mom (who was born the same year as the Queen), loved the Queen. The mystique of it all intrigued her and I suppose I inherited some of that.

I found the interview interesting and ended up doing two blogs on it because on one side you have a Prince leaving his homeland for his love and you have a woman who is suicidal. Such huge issues and discussion starting points. Gets my mind moving. And let’s face it, if someone says they’re suicidal, then you stop and you listen. That has to be taken seriously.

And then of course there’s the Bloggin’ Blues.

This was fun to write but sometimes I really do need to remind myself why I do what I do. All good. The exercise of writing the article picked up my spirits and I feel much more motivated.

My Goals…

I’m already two behind on submitting for contests for 2021. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. I do have ideas and even some rough drafts but I have no inclination or energy to complete and submit them. There will be a time–it’s just not now.

So, update: I’m thinking I might be able to find a couple of hours this weekend and get a couple of submissions together for some contests. I’ll let you know what happens.

My priority right now is to finish a rewrite of a novel. So this novel has been floating around way too long but my agent wanted me to add another POV. I’ll admit the book is better but it’s a challenge as I want this book done and published. —WHOOP WHOOP–DONE!! Let’s do a Happy Happy Dance.

Next on the list is a rewrite of a women’s fiction.

What are your goals? Remember… a goal without a timeline is just a dream.

Well, that’s probably about it for this week.

Go get some writing done. Don’t forget to like and leave me a comment on my blogs. I thank you.

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