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#FOWC: Figure (Fandango One Word Challenge)

I came across this prompt today at Fandango web page and couldn’t help myself. This poem fell out. I hope you enjoy.


societal pressures define the ideal
long sinewy famished minuscule
shrink into the shadows forgotten
forbidden to taste the sweet nectar 

baby plump soft fed on demand
nurtured to grow reach for the sky
stars twinkle dropping fairy dust
soon enough to change to judgment

eyes upon the hijab the stiletto the girdle
defined confined communique poised 
cutting a quality not promised or emblematic
dynamic life existence heart and soul to weigh


faye e arcand

4 thoughts on “#FOWC: Figure (Fandango One Word Challenge)”

    1. haha….Thanks Norma. I don’t know if it my “thing” but I’m getting more comfortable. Make sure you check back throughout April for some Poetry Fun…xo

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