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You Have the Power to Make Someone’s Day–and it’s Free!

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Once, many years ago, a speaker at some event said that the universal signal all people of the world understood was “the finger”…you know–flippin’ the bird, flip off…whatever… I disagreed!

Why would it be ok for a gesture of ignorance, aggression, and considered obscene by many, be a universal sign? Many cultures speak with their entire body and that includes the hands. Gestures involving fingers are not universal in any way.

Being me, I felt obliged to later challenge this speaker because, not only did I think he was wrong, I didn’t want his ugly version of ‘truth’ hanging out there. It simply wasn’t right to leave it.

The negative image that he supported was itself borne of ignorance….(says me.).

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I prefer to believe the universal sign all people– all ages, cultures, languages, can understand–is a smile.

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Remember this.

Tuck it in your back pocket.

Use it.

Smile at someone at the grocery store, or while you’re walking down the street.

When someone really looks at you and smiles it’s difficult to react negatively.

That’s all I want to say today.

Go smile at someone.

Yes, I know you have a mask on…people can still see a smile through a mask. And once you take it off for good, make a practice of smile bombing at least one person every day.

Source: Unsplash Gyan Shahane

It may be the only good thing that happens in their day.

Assignment given. Now go do it.

Auntie Lesson:

Smiles are free and understood by all. Use your super power to spread positivity not negativity. xox

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