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My Week in Review. How Was Yours?

What’s Happening in Your World?

I’ve been doing these weekend reviews for a while and would really like to hear what’s happening in your world.

If you’re a writer, are you writing? Entering contests? Let me know.

If you’re a reader who has questions or requests–let me know. I won’t mention your name. All good.

This Weeks Posts

Just click on the blue writing to check out that post.

Caption This Pic. This is a fun and light post based on a picture I took when I tried to buy a bag of Doritos. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Um…not so much.

Getting Out of Dodge–is all about the importance of exploring the world around us and breaking out of our comfort zones. Such an important thing to consider. Share with the young people in your life too.

Piper soaking up the spring sunshine.

Romance, Erotica, and Porn–What’s the difference when writing them?

Subscribing to Newsletters— Have no fear. Focus on the positive. You can learn a lot.

Piper Update

First and foremost, Piper is doing really well. She’s now a full two weeks post-op and on the mend. Only another six weeks to keep her from running, jumping, or climbing stairs. Heavy sigh…

Here she is still bruised but enjoying soaking up the sunshine.

My Office Chair

Look at this… I love, love, love my office chair. I feel like I just got it all broken in but let’s face it, it’s a sad looking mess. Yay for chair covers. Cheap fix and I don’t need to get used to a new chair.

The before and after.

I Entered a Short Story Contest

The only other excitement for the week was entering the Writer’s Weekly ( 24 hour writing contest.

In this contest you’re emailed a prompt and word count and then have 24 hours to write an original short story.

This type of challenge really gets your brain moving and is a great thinking and writing exercise. I won the contest (and the $300!) in Summer 2016–go check it out. I thought it was time to try again. Here’s the prompt we received:



The three young boys were inseparable. Cool sunlight
danced between rippling leaves as they traipsed
through their favorite woods. Tommy saw a tree that
was just right for climbing, ran to the trunk, and
began shimmying his way up. His best friends busied
themselves with the beginnings of a fort made of
boughs and branches.

Suddenly, Tommy called out, “Oh my gosh! You guys
won’t believe this!” 


The word count was 900 words. It was a challenge but I managed to submit a story. I’ll let you know when I hear.

–Where does your brain go when you read the prompt. It’s only meant to get you thinking and the story needs to reference the prompt but doesn’t need to be exact. I wrote about three sisters….

The World…

So, there’s not much more going on. Lock downs and travel restrictions are in place. I’m tired of it all just like everyone else.

Have a good week.

4 thoughts on “My Week in Review. How Was Yours?”

  1. Ooo that’s breathing new life into your chair. And good luck with the short story competition, Faye! Oh yeah, trying to prevent your dog from getting excited after they’ve gone through an operation is like a full-time babysitting job indeed. Wishing Piper all the best!

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