CAMP NANOWRIMO — Billie Daddario

The following is a fellow writers post. She’s a great blogger and just reminded me of doing Nano in July. I’m going to do this! Two weeks to mull it over. Check out Billie’s blog. Her link is below.

It officially begins Thursday, July 1st.Camp NANOWRIMO is on our doorstep with all its fanfare and exciting possibilities. Will you reach your writing goal without actually going crazy? What is Camp NANOWRIMO? It’s an international writing month it happens three times a year April, July, and the big event in November. We are gearing up for the July event where you can select a personal goal to achieve writing fewer than 50,000 words or editing 50,000 words instead of writing. It’s a wonderful way to get out of the aloneness of writing and write alongside others.

CAMP NANOWRIMO — Billie Daddario

7 thoughts on “CAMP NANOWRIMO — Billie Daddario”

  1. NOooooooo!!!!!! Every time it comes around, I want to be part of it, but I have editing to finish if I”m to make a November release. So sad. 🙁

    1. It’s gotten to the point now where Nano goes almost every month…or any time you want it to! I have the same problem. I have to do edits but also want to do nano in July…sigh.

      1. Thank you, not to turn this into a mutual admiration society meeting, but I genuinely enjoy reading what you write. I love your sense of humor or sense of righteous indignation whatever is needed.
        I’d love for you to do a guest post sometime or some type of collaboration.

      2. Hey Billie! There’s nothing wrong with mutual admiration! even in a society. lol. Yes. Let’s plan on that. I think that’s an awesome idea. The rest of this month is pretty much taken up by company now that the travel restrictions have been lifted in our province but let’s connect via dm in July! And….I do to so like what you write. xo soon.

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