My Twisted Writer Brain…

My Twisted Writer Brain is Roaming Around… Hmm Am I too Old? Maybe I Should Quit? A Rambling Ramble of Babble…

It has a mind of it’s own my ol’ twisted writer brain. Yup, it goes where it wants and if not disciplined it might even stay there.


So, do you ever see those inspirational things on FB about age and accomplishment? You know the ones…

So and so wasn’t published until they were 103 … let’s all celebrate that…. uh, no thanks.


Mrs. X wrote her first book at age 12 but then put it in a drawer for 75 years upon which it was discovered by her niece when going through her things after her death.

It’s now in it’s 100th week at the top of the best seller list.

Heavy sigh….

Sometimes my brain chooses a vacay instead and doesn’t want to think of anything even remotely resembling writing. or words. or reading. or anything for that matter.

When one has a creative brain, thoughts can sometimes be hard to harness. The great ideas float in and the not so great also floods in. I suppose it could be considered funny but it’s just the way things work.

I work in lists.

Do you like lists? lol…can’t think of any right now except the New York’s Times Best Seller List….

Damn it I wanna be at the top of that list!

Why do you write? What is it that you ultimately want out of the experience?

Me? I want to be rich and famous for my wonderful writing.


I want to take that fame and knowledge and share it with those who want to learn more. I want to be able to give back and connect at the grassroots level.

I don’t want to hide and not be accessible. I want to answer questions and share my twisted writer brain smarts.

Pardon my ramblings…

I hope you’re having a great day. xo

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5 thoughts on “My Twisted Writer Brain is Roaming Around… Hmm Am I too Old? Maybe I Should Quit? A Rambling Ramble of Babble…”

  1. “Me? I want to be rich and famous for my wonderful writing.”

    When I started writing, I read a lot of level-headed, realistic advice from established authors in the horror and sci-fi fields. They quickly disabused me of any notions of becoming rich and famous through writing. Even grandmasters of the genre often have to hold down “real” jobs to make ends meet, and the Gini coefficient for the writing community overall is nothing short of astronomical.

    Occasionally I still entertain fantasies of writing for a living. In the meantime, my goal with every new project is to write the story that I want to read. If I have to wait until I’m 103 for my big breakthrough, might as well enjoy the ride.

    1. `Thanks for reading and commenting.
      I suppose you can say that I’m still entrenched in the fantasy of making it as a writer. The funny thing is though that I sincerely believe it. Is that crazy? who knows? Doubts abound and that’s okay.
      Yes, I said rich and famous but you know what I want from that? Not a mansion or a fancy car but the luxury of spending time with writers and sharing my experience and knowledge face to face. I think it’s that strong writing community I love so much.
      I’ve been to conferences or events where guest writers or industry peeps put their nose in the air and think they’re better….that always ticks me off. I want to debunk that….I want to be the one sitting at the kids table and sharing stories. Does that make sense?
      Writing is not only the outlet but a full on fantasy.
      I agree…though I have a ways before I get to be 103 I really want my stuff OUT there and not in my head.
      I’ll make it happen. I have to. I’m the only one that can.
      But….I’ll still reach for those “astronomical” stars…you betcha! lol.
      Thanks so much for the discussion. I so appreciate you stopping by. Please don’t be a stranger.

  2. I’ve been writing since I was 9. I fell in love with the written word. Honestly? I write for the fun of it. I find it very therapeutic. Would it be nice to have my words published and make tons of money? Yes….but I’m fine if doesn’t happen.

    1. I’m with you Leigh. If I didn’t write I don’t know what I’d do. It not only an outlet but also self-therapy. You’re so right! After writing I often feel better and sometimes even figure things out as I’m able to somehow organize the thoughts. I’m okay if I don’t get rich and famous. It’ll be what it’ll be. xo

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