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Today is Canada Day. Celebrations Cancelled–Here’s Why. It’s A Time to Embrace All and Come Together in Understanding.

Many, if not most of the bigger organized Canada Day celebrations across the country have been cancelled out of respect for the hundreds of families who are now in mourning after the findings of unmarked graves at residential school properties.

There’s been some confusion as to why, so I want you to stop and think.

The history of Canada in the eyes of many Canadians is one of pride, peace, and togetherness.

That’s what we celebrate.

We embrace the idea of being polite and respectful–well this is a time to dig out those sentiments toward the Indigenous community members of our nation.

The idea of the gentle caring Canadian has all but been blown up by the discovery of the graves of children. It’s like a dirty family secret finally crept out of the closet.

As it lies there in the middle of the room and everyone says….oh that’s so sad, do you think it’s okay to then go sneak out the back door, leave the mourners in order to go have a big birthday party for a guest of honor with a now checkered past?

No, you’re right, cancelling a party won’t change anything but it acknowledges new truths that we’re now being made aware of and shows respect to our fellow citizens.

Don’t you want to show respect?

Right now is a time of mourning. No one is asking for anything except understanding and time.

I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Just think– if mass graves of children were located and filled with your family members — omg the devastation and hurt.

As a neighbor, you’d take a casserole and offer condolences. Consider the ‘no Canada celebration’ as that casserole–that small sacrifice and offering to someone who is hurting right now. I know you can do it.

The Canadian government and Catholic Church has known these truths for decades but never seen fit to educate the rest of the country. Well, shame on both of you.

Cancel the Canada Day parades and parties. Be a proud Canadian by standing beside our brothers and sisters within the nation as we begin to better understand our history.

I am proud to be Canadian but Canada is currently closed for mourning.

source: DailyHive

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