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Quick Weekend Update. How Was Your Week?

The week has been one thing and thats HOT!

Holy hotdog… we reached temperatures past 45 degree C. That’s like WAY hot–like 113F Hot…

I’m in Canada for goodness sakes and find this difficult to take.

We’re lucky because we have AC. Many homes here in B.C. do not. There have been fatalities due to the heat and an early start to the wildfire season.

My heart goes out to those in Lytton B.C. The town was virtually wiped out by a fast moving fire. Things are still being sorted out and I pray that everyone is okay.

It does bring with it a certain anxiety of fire. It was August of 2020 that we were evacuated for a week due to a wildfire in our neighborhood. It’s really scary.

We can hear the water bombers and spotter planes going over our house and it’s a bit unnerving.

This week as far as blogs go:

Auntie Says… Looked at parents of Gay and Trans Kids and some of the challenges. Auntie also looked at Canada Day and some of the cancelled festivities.

In My Twisted Writer Brain we looked at Rambling Thoughts, The Wine Country Writers’ Festival, and June Reads.

I didn’t win the Furious Fiction. Lol…I didn’t really expect to but when you can throw your hat in the ring you never know what will happen.

Everyone. Please stay safe. See you next week.

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12 thoughts on “Quick Weekend Update. How Was Your Week?”

  1. I’m in Colorado, and it’s been cooler and wetter than usual for us. But that just means the heat and dry air are around the corner. Holy climate change batman. 113 degrees in British Columbia is way hot because you have humidity. I live in the arid South West, it’s hot, but it’s a dry heat.

    Try and stay cool.


    1. Hi Billie!! Yes I’m south central BC. Dessert area. Very dry and hot but not this hot! It was crazy. We’ve dropped about 8c and it’s a huge difference. The fear of wildfire is real.
      In another note: I’m on Chapter 9! And barrelling right along. How is your nano going. Still didn’t find you. Xo

      1. I found you; I think. There were only about 6 fayee, but I think I chose the right one to send an invitation to. I’m glad you are getting long fine. I am struggling significantly. My first novel hasn’t come back from a professional editor yet and my second novel I am working through beta reader changes, and I’m afraid of wrecking a perfectly good story for the sake of adding more. I will learn how to do this.


      2. Hey Billie. I’ll be home by Sunday and will be able to check. Take a deep breath and don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember that an Editor and Beta readers are suggestions (except for grammar and such)…but when it comes to story, you are the boss. Suggestions can be considered and taken or left as you see fit. Just cuz someone thinks it should be different doesn’t mean it actually has to be. Talk soon.

      3. Faye,
        Thanks for thinking about me when I know you are busy with family.
        My week ha been an absolute blast, I am loving NaNoWriMo.
        Still have some nervous energy when I think about getting my book back from the publisher. Excitement with a bit of, I have no idea what to expect.
        I had some minor out patient surgery on my leg yesterday, it was fun until this morning at about three. That’s when the Lanicane (sp) wore off, and now I am in terrible pain.
        The weather here has gone from quite nice to hot. I knew it was coming, and it is July, so I suppose it’s to be expected.
        Have a safe journey enjoy yourself.

      4. Thanks Billie. So happy to hear that Nano is a positive experience for you. That’s so awesome. Sorry to hear about your leg. Take care of yourself. Will drive all day tomorrow to get home. Has been a fantastic week. xo

  2. It’s definitely been insanely hot in Canada lately but I’m in the Niagara region so it’s not that bad- it’s awful but I can live with it. Hope it cools down soon!

    1. Hey Pooja. BC is finally back to normal after the extended heat wave. It was incredibly hot. One entire town was levelled by fire. Terrible. I’m glad to hear that it’s not awful. I’m loving your new pic btw. Thanks for stopping by. xoxo

      1. Wow I hope no one was badly injured. It’s better here too- it rained a lot which helped cool things down significantly. Thank you!!

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