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Weekend RoundUp. A Week of Edits, Reading, Some Serious Writing and Discussions with Some Shopping Thrown in For Good Measure.

Doesn’t it feel like the weeks can sometimes slip by so quickly? We get caught in the whirlwind of time and don’t notice that a month has disappeared. Last week was exactly like that for me. I worked really hard on an edit of a novel and hours slipped into darkness before I realized what happened.

Some Editing

My editing sessions took a huge chunk of time but the satisfaction of completing it was great. Now it’ll require one more rewrite and hopefully a nice fresh manuscript will show it self. Here’s hoping.

Some Reading…

Well, “reading” per se, may be a bit misleading. What I did do though, is complete a very long and involved audio book. It’s a fantasy by Sarah Maas. It took me a while to get through it. This was the second in a series and I must say, her second book was much better than the first (the first was good too, but this one was more detailed and better written). I haven’t decided whether I’ll complete the third. You know, alpha males with wings don’t really do it for me. Idk.

But… Get this! You all know by now that the area in which I live has been a magnet for wild fire this year, right? Well, there was a peak this week when the fires went crazy, and then the weather changed and things calmed down–including my nerves, let me tell ya.

So, for the first time in at least a month, I ventured to the larger city about an hour north of me and I hit the book store. Yay! It was so exciting and look what I got!

So, what happens when you finish at a lovely downtown bookstore where’s you’ve spend almost an hour and a half just touching (sorry–not sorry–covid rules–Hey I have hand sanitizer in the car) books, and reading novel jackets? Well, ugh, you go to Costco and then head home. Omg…

So, don’t get me wrong. I like shopping at Costco. The staff are fantastic and the quality is usually pretty good. Now, the only reason I mention this trip into Costco is because it’s mid August and, yup, you guessed it….Christmas has arrived amongst the several fires raging in the area. Sigh….

Some Talking…Like Serious Stuff…

So this all started with two of my blogs from My Twisted Writer Brain… In a recent post I asked the question of writers as to what was the best advice they’d received and it ended up in another post about religious and faith based reading and writing.

While I am neither a faith based reader or writer, the conversation was fascinating and I learned a lot as I was able to see the similarities of their fear, shyness, or trepidation to follow what they feel is right for them.

You can read the whole thing Here. It’s an interesting discussion.

Other blogs this week were a Six Word Story, an Auntie Rant (sorry–not sorry–for my language), and a discussion of Mental Health in Relationships.

So take a look. There’s some really great stuff there. I’d love to know what you think.

A Different Kind of Reading…

This week I attended and did a reading at the Ryga Festival in Summerland. This festival is an annual event to celebrate the life, legacy, and works of Canadian playwright George Ryga. He was political, controversial, and seemingly ahead of his time.

The Ryga Festival is a weeklong event with many different performances, plays, and creative sessions that celebrate the activism and art of Ryga.

I attended the OUTSPOKEN! session which was readings from a variety of creatives. I read two poems. The first is entitled Uninvited and the second was Oh Sister.

These two poems came through me and appeared as though by magic. All I can say is my muse made me do it. They’re raw and angry and sad–all at once.

I was very relieved that they were well received. Oh, just one more thing… The session will be broadcast on Telus in Canada. I don’t know when–I’ll try and let you know in advance.

Some pix of the event.

Just one more thing to end the week. Lately in our neighborhood there’ve been a lot of bears. It’s a season of foraging and they’re doing their thing. But when I took the dog for a walk this morning this is what I found…

So the lesson in life is this….Bears poop big… Get outta the way.

Have a great week everyone. See you later.

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  1. My dear Faye, you’ve had some adventures. I love to go to the bookstore I haven’t been in a long time COVID. Wow, did that look like you were having fun. You’ll have to let us know how you liked the books you bought.


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