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Weekend Roundup. A Week of Cooler Temps, Writing, and Planning. Exciting Things Coming…

Cooler Temperatures

As I glance out the window at the cloudy skies, I’m grateful that the extreme heat of the summer is coming to an end. We’re still in the mid 20’sC (mid 70’s F) which, for me, is a perfect temperature. The hot dry, smokey summer has been stressful in seeing so much fire devastation and truthfully, I’m just fine with summer coming to an end.

This last week has been focused on writing, reading, and prepping for the Wine Country Writers’ Festival (WCWF).


As far as writing goes, there’s always my blog. While it takes time, it’s something that I so enjoy doing. Sometimes it’s my sounding board to rant or whine, other times it’s a teaching place, or a platform to tell people to go give your head a frikken shake –but no matter what, it’s for the joy of creating and presenting.

Here are the blogs from last week. Make sure you check them all out.

My Twisted Writer Brain looked at those darn half written novels! Why aren’t you finishing? Click HERE to read. I also looked at How to Get 100 Blogging Ideas. You can read that HERE.

For Auntie Says… there was a chat about Choice, Chance, and Change and how these affect your life. Read the post HERE. And a rather sad, angst filled poem called Uninvited. Read it HERE.

This week there was also the WWW Wednesday see it HERE. Always fun and light. And, a shared blog from Norma J. Hill about Editing. I would recommend you check out her entire series on the editing process. Click HERE to read.

This week was also a time to complete edits and changes to a contemporary novel that I’ve written. It’s almost there. One last rewrite.

Lots to do.

I did enter a short story into a contest. Meh, who knows. The contest only has one main winner which is not something that I’d normally go for but the entry fee was low… so we’ll see. Not holding my breath as all it takes is the judge to like another just a little bit more. Sigh.


This week gets us closer and closer to the Wine Country Writers’ Festival. This year we’re virtual and the schedule for FREE Saturday writing workshops was just made public. The link is below.

The great thing about this Festival (beside the fact that yours truly is running it with just one other person) is that there’s something for everyone. There are classes on marketing and editing as well as how to write a good story, poem, or flash fiction. There are also add-ons like blue pencil edit sessions, pitches, and socials.

Check it out.

Hi everyone. I know you want to plan your time so here are the schedules for Friday September 24 and Saturday September 25. While the times are all in place there could be some shifting of workshops as we get closer to the event. Friday September 24 will begin at 2:30 PM PST On Friday, […]

The Schedule is Here… — Wine Country Writers’ Festival

Exciting Things

You know, before Covid made its rude entrance in 2020, my husband and I had many plans to travel and explore the world. Well, that didn’t work very well as restrictions grew along with infection rates and all the rest of it. I feel like I’ve been home now for so long that I believe the world’s moved along with out me, even though I know it hasn’t.

So, hubby and I decided to stay within Canada this year and take a fall trip to the eastern part of the country. We have no idea what we’ll meet or experience but the air will be different and I’m quite content to remain independent while hopefully seeing some new things.

I’ll let you know as the plans progress or cease. If we’ve learned anything in the last year and a half, is that things can, and do, change quickly.

Have an awesome weekend.

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6 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup. A Week of Cooler Temps, Writing, and Planning. Exciting Things Coming…”

  1. Hi. I had a question about the Wine Country Festival Saturday classes. Will they be recorded and available after? I am helping with a party that day so won’t be available after 1:00.

    Do you have to let someone know before the festival which classes you’d like to be in? Thanks. Rosalie


    1. Hi Rosalie. Thanks for the question. There will be select sessions that will be recorded but can’t guarantee which ones at this point…sorry. As we get closer to the event you’ll be provided with links. You can chose whatever you like without preplanning. You can even have the option to change your mind during a session and go to the other if it’s not right for you. I really hope the sessions you want are more in the afternoon.

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