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Weekend Roundup: Wasps, Antiques, A New Year, and Back to Running! How Can Life Get Any Better Than That?

It’s September!! Whoop Whoop… Let’s Start A New Year!

Hi everyone. Thanks for stopping by. Can you believe we’ve finally reached September? It’s my favorite time of year. I love that the heat of the day begins to wane and the evenings are chilly so I need to wrap myself in a soft blanket in order to sit outside. The kids head back to school, the tourists go home, and it’s a great time to set a reset button and get things done. September is a much nicer time to start a new year than wet, cold, miserable January!

Here’s a couple of blogs I did about embracing the “New Year”. Take a look and get inspired.

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And, let’s not forget about our Whimsical, Wacky, and Wonderful Wednesday where a stroll through the park brought out not only the view but also contemplation and imagination.

I finished off August with some questions. I’d love to know your thoughts and answers on these two posts.

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My Twisted Writer Brain What Did You Read Through August? I’ve listed the various things I’ve read and really do want to know what, and who, you’re reading.


Can someone tell me what you call a group of wasps?

Is it a Warble of Wasps? or perhaps a Frenzy of Wasps? or Whizzer of Wasps? and if you can answer that, can you please tell me how they help the earth and/or why they exist?

They just seem means and nasty. Not like pretty pollinating bees….just yucky, scary wasps.

Well, okay. I had to look up my questions because you weren’t here to provide the answer–lol!

What I found is that a group of wasps are called: a swarm or a colony. Apparently, they’re actually very important as pest controllers (though I’ve always thought of them as pests!).

They play an ecological role in keeping down the population of spiders, caterpillars, beetle larvae, and flies.

There! more than you ever wanted to know about wasps, I’m sure. Go to Wikipedia if you want more.

I’m still not a fan and never will be….


Are you into antiques? My hubby loves the old stuff and sees the history and value in the old objects, but for me, they make me sad. I see peoples lives spread out with a price tag attached.

In one of the pictures I’ve posted there’s a beautiful oval framed portrait of a young woman. She was someones family member but now she’s simply on display in a musty old store. Who is she? What’s her story? Sigh…

There’s china dishes, children’s toys, baby clothes, and stunning furniture from so many years ago. It reminds me of my mom and dad. They worked so hard to have nice things–or things that they thought of as treasures. At least with my parents, the stuff was divided amongst us kids and is still in the family. When does it get to the point where stunning portraits are sold off or whole houses are shoved into an auction and given to the highest bidder.

Ugh…nope, there’s a reason I’m not an antique collector…it’s way too emotional.

By far, my favorite item was The Beatles figures.

Back To Running…

Back in the olden days before covid, my hubby and I travelled to New Orleans for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon and 10K.

I’ve done several half marathons now and really enjoy the distance of 13.1 miles but in this particular instance, my husband wasn’t comfortable doing the half and elected the 10km so I stuck with him and we did it together.

That was February 9th, 2020. A month later and the world was shut down. I stopped running and waited for the other shoe to drop. The zombies would be dragging themselves out soon I was sure…But now fast forward to September 2021! Whoop Whoop! A New Year. A different time…

Yay! I jumped back on the treadmill and am so glad I did.

Hmmm…is it fair to call it “running”? Probably not. It’s a shuffle cha cha jog thing–and I love it. LOL.

This was a VERY slow trot on the treadmill but … it was a trot nonetheless. I know that this will only continue to improve and I’ll continue to feel better.

It’s more satisfying than sitting and whining about doing nothing (yup–I did that). It’s like writing or anything else…just do it! Go For It!! One step at a time.

All the pix on this post were taken by me. Pretty good, eh? ha ha.

I hope you all had a great week and that each day brings something new and special.

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    1. Hi Billie. Yes, I learned that it’s a swarm or a colony. Believe me…I kept my distance. They’re nasty. Happy Saturday to you. Thx for popping in! xo

    1. Actually I learned that they’re called a swarm or a colony. They’re scary fellows. So I didn’t stick around to chat. Thanks for stopping I Marianna. Greatly appreciated. xo

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