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Whimsical, Wacky, Wonderful Wednesday #13! Today I Slipped in a “Weird” … But I Know You’ll Get The Wacky of it All

I need to tell you a secret. You have to promise you won’t tell anybody. Promise? Okay. This is a little awkward, but–oh man, this is perhaps even a bit embarrassing. Geez Whizz… I’m a writer. Take a deep breath, I know you won’t believe this, but… (checking over my shoulder to make sure no one is listening), I seriously don’t like spelling or grammar.

There! I said it. Please don’t think lesser of me. I’m sure I learned all I needed to in school but like really, do I need to know what a dangling participle is, and why should I care? Stuff like nouns relating to verbs and adjectives going on about modifications….EEEEK! Makes me wanna run and hide.

The language is intrinsic within my being. I can’t name words but I know the difference between active and passive voice, I know how to show not tell, and I can definitely craft a character that engages a reader to the point of losing track of time.

Now, with all that said, the reason for my dislike of grammar and spelling is laid out below in the picture. Ugh… When we were kids in elementary school we had to recite:

I before E except after C and in words that sound like A like neighbor and weigh. Well, that was all a ruse wasn’t it? The English language is so full of rules that don’t apply I rebelled. It’s weird, isn’t it?

I keep this mug close to my desk so I can keep track of my spelling…lol. And hey! See those beautiful flower? Well, they’re actually pens and I made them. Arne’t they awesome? Um, like yeah, they sure are! Picture by Faye Arcand.

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6 thoughts on “Whimsical, Wacky, Wonderful Wednesday #13! Today I Slipped in a “Weird” … But I Know You’ll Get The Wacky of it All”

    1. lol…isn’t that the truth. It’s like I hate spell check and auto correct but also really appreciate them too. lol…For me, I write like I talk (for the most part) and somehow it falls into place. Thanks for visiting and reading Billie. Hope all is well. xo

  1. hahahahaha In my working in a big office days, people would stare as though I were incredibly smart for saying, “That’s passive voice. Make it active.”

    1. lol…well we can’t all be savants! lol…Too too funny. I now have a picture in my head of a bunch of corporate types standing around the water cooler with jaws dropped…”did you hear that? she knows passive v active–” A collective wooooooow fills the air. They won’t know about my spelling/grammar loathing…lmao. Thanks for stopping by. You made my day.

    1. Hi Ginny! Welcome. I’m so happy to see you here. Yes. Grammar and spelling are so overrated imo. I totally agree–if it works then great… if not.. well… life is weird. lol. Thank for stopping by. xoxo

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