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Weekend Roundup! The Kids Are Getting Old, Lots of Rain, a Newsletter on the Way, and a Sore Back. What a Week!

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Hey before I forget…I’m sending out a NewsLetter in a day or two. Nothing too strenuous–just a quick read. I want to let you know a few things that are coming up.

BUT I am including a file to download for NaNoWritMo that I made. It’s only two pages for a print out and will help you keep track of your daily counts.

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This is me and my niece Shayla. Happy Birthday xoxo

So, onwards…

My week started in the best possible way. My niece had a birthday and I got to take her out for lunch.

Guess how old she is? She’s fifty!! yup the big 5-0!! I don’t know how that happens when her auntie is only like …maybe 40ish. Lmao.

We had a wonderful lunch and got all caught up on what what happening and then I went to Costco where I strolled for an hour (maybe two) only to drive the hour and a half home and have my back seize up. Like WTH?

I can’t believe how fast that happened and with no real warning. Dang. You know, all is fine until it isn’t and then it takes over your life.

I’ve been hobbling around since the beginning of the week. You can read my whole whine-fest here: Butt and Back Muscles be Damned Until you Need to Sit and Write.

Right now, relief comes via the heating pad, gentle stretches and ever so slow strolls. Man oh man…. Feeling a bit… gulp–should I say it? nah, I’m not old just working too much. Too much sitting and not enough taking care of myself. Busy. Busy. Busy. At work, at play, and even at avoiding. Sometimes it’s about being “too busy” that gets me into trouble. Have a look: When I Don’t Want to Do Something I’ll Often Say I’m “Too Busy”… Suffice it to say that this time it back-fired on me… big sigh.

Here’s my nifty stand-up treadmill desk. I thought about using it this week but because my muscles are so tight and uncooperative at the moment, it would probably do more harm than good. So when this back thing passes then I’ll jump up and try the treadmill desk and see if I can type and walk at the same time. If you write this way–let me know if there’s any tricks!! (oh…and just to clarify–I won’t be “jumping” anywhere, any time soon…there will be a gentle and deliberate climb upon the belt of the treadmill…yeah, that’s it. That’s what’ll really happen but I wanted to let you picture me jumping…why? Well, because my niece turned 50 of course!

Rain Rain Rain….

There was a huge storm that hit the west coast of Canada. They called it a weather bomb. I don’t know where all these fancy names came from… heat dome? That was in the summer… sounds like something out of a Stephen King novel.

Anyway, the storm blew all the way into the interior with a fraction of the strength but still with a lot of rain. It is so needed that I welcome it. I worry a bit because the rain on the areas around the burnt out areas could mean mud slides. It never really seems to end, does it? I guess there’s always something we could be worrying about.

Other Blogs Through the Week:

Auntie Says chatted about Empathy. I discussed the program called Roots of Empathy. The developer of that program contacted me and thanked me for writing it. That was pretty cool. Here’s the post: Do You Know How to Truly Empathize with Someone?

I also looked at the idea of getting rid of the stereo-types put on girls and boys. They’re not relevant and we need to let the personality and spirit of the kids dictate their path. Let them fly. Here’s the post: Little Girls are Made of Fire and Drive–Not Sugar and Spice–Reset the Teaching Curve to Reflect Their Capabilities.

For Whimsical, Wacky, Wonderful Wednesday I looked at some weeds that were actually very intriguing and beautiful. See the Picture and Post here: Why Are Some Things Deemed Undesirable Yet Still Have a Certain Appeal?

My friend Sally responded with a quote from A. A. Milne which was so beautiful. I think it’s a perfect way to end the week. Enjoy.

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AA Milne: Winnie the Pooh. via google

Have a wonderful week!

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