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Weekend Round Up. A week of Challenges, Cool Stuff, and Upcoming Changes. Are You Ready?

Hi Everyone. Is’s been quite a week already.

Did you receive my Newsletter? I hope so. There was some exciting stuff in there, including a NaNo count sheet for download.

So this week I am doing rewrites on a novel, with another waiting in the wings. This means a lot of time needs to be dedicated to the work.

Did you notice there was only one Auntie Says… this week? Hmm… Yes, the work I need to do on these manuscripts will take precedence over the blog. So that is both a challenge and a change.

Believe me when I say, my blog isn’t going anyway, and neither am I. It’s just that some may be a bit shorter, a few maybe MIA and others still may be completely normal (which for anyone who follows may be saying oh oh…what’s that? There’s nothing normal about Faye Arcand….) …I will make sure I keep you on your toes no matter what.

It may be a video or a picture I took. Life doesn’t have to be long and drawn out text that goes on forever.

Like this one… Lol. This is a VERY short video I took on my walk the other day. It was cold and rainy but I chose to look at it like this. Tell me what you think! Seriously….tell me.

You know, the say nothing can stay the same forever and I agree. There needs to be change up to keep things fresh and engaging.

I’m not going anywhere and will still be doing my blogs… Just don’t panic if I miss a day or two.

So this week… Did you see My Twisted Writer Brain two part piece on my Book Baby. If you’re a writer, I’d highly recommend you read both of these as it’s my personal experience with the publishing/agent/book world.

It didn’t go as planned even though I bent at every opportunity. Not to worry though because I’ll power through. There’s no quit in this lady.

Read these and tell me your thoughts.

Just to add a new slant to the weekend roundup… I got a haircut and changed the color. I really like it. I was obviously overdue for a change.

The Birth of Your Book Baby is a Triumph, But Remember it Takes Time to get Baby to Share and Speak to Someone. Part One.


Your Book Baby- Part Two. Dreams of Success Lost by Too Many Opinions and a False Start

Also this week in Auntie Says there was October Reads, and WWW Wednesday #15. Both of these blogs were great in their own rite.

October reads looked at a couple of great books I read last month. Both looking at women’s issues. and WWW Wednesday is always fun. So take a look.

So, did you see the awesome game I made for American Thanksgiving?

I’m selling it as a download printable on Etsy. Go take a look. It’s fun, colorful, and a challenge for sure.

Here’s the LINK if you want to have a look. I’m pretty proud of it.

Stay warm. Stay cool. Stay safe.

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