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Ten Free Things to Do for Yourself to Lift Your Mood, Clear Your Head, or Just Feel Better About the Day.

Here’s a list of ten things you can do for yourself that cost you nothing….

  1. Breathe: Ahhhhhh…….close your eyes and breathe deep enough to fill your toes then let it escape through your lips with any sound you choose. This doesn’t need to take long and you don’t need to do many to feel better. Many of us are shallow breathers–I know I am. Taking that deep, deep breath can make all the difference in the world to lighten your brain and your day.
  2. Stretch. This is another thing I don’t do enough of on a daily basis. Once I do, I always feel so much more human. Simply get out of that chair and reach for the sky. If you know some yoga then you can do a couple of special stretches. Let those muscles sing a bit. You’ll feel better and so will they.
  3. Take a shower. I was going to say take a bath but it feels so cliche. The choice is yours and yours alone. Me? I like a nice hot bubble bath. Either way, let the heat wash over you and relax.
  4. Take a Walk. Again, this feels so cliche because we all know exercise will get the blood pumping and help with energy and fatigue. What I’ll say though, if you’re working at home and don’t want to get dressed for the outside weather or nosy neighbors, then just walk your house ten times. Up and down the stairs, or the hallway and around the kitchen. You get the idea. It doesn’t have to be much. Just get that blood pumping a little bit.Or… just stroll and use it as a meditation. Walking is good for the brain too and to let it wonder without focus is sometimes the best thing we can do…yes, you can do it inside at home too.
  5. Take a piece of paper, write a positive affirmation on it, and tape it to your bathroom mirror. Something like “You look wonderful today. Have a great day!” or “Good Morning. It’s going to be a great day.” or “No matter what happens today remember that you are loved and cherished.” You can write anything so long as it’s positive. Read it every time you’re at that mirror (or wherever you put it)–read it, absorb it, believe it. You can say it out loud too…that’d be even better.
  6. Have that second cookie without guilt. If it’s been a long time since you’ve been kind to yourself then you need to stop beating yourself up. If you’re constantly telling yourself what a loser you are for giving in, change it up and give yourself permission. Perhaps not everyday but change the narrative in your head from the negative to the affirmative.
  7. Go to bed early. Seriously. Sleep is so underrated. Forget about the messy kitchen. It’s not going anywhere… go to bed. Tuck in and close your eyes….
  8. Rearrange your sock drawer or a part of your closet. I know these things can make a positive difference in your life. If searching for your fave top or fluffy socks drives you bonkers, then take control and arrange them. Get rid of the old stuff that’s cluttering the drawer and you’ll feel much better.
  9. Rearrange the furniture. I Love to change up a room. You don’t have to do much to shift the energy of a room. Move the chair to the other side, maybe take a lamp from another room and add it to the mix. This is taking charge of your own space and getting the cobwebs out. Go for it!
  10. Close your eyes and ask this question…”what can I do nice for myself?” This will be different for everyone. Maybe it involves baking bread, or reading a book, or making a new playlist, or having a glass of wine and watching a fave movie…. Whatever that thing is, find it and do it. Make a list and plan on doing one per week. Take care of yourself. xoxo

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8 thoughts on “Ten Free Things to Do for Yourself to Lift Your Mood, Clear Your Head, or Just Feel Better About the Day.”

    1. Hey Norma. Thanks for stopping by. Yes. I love rearranging a room or sitting area. Changes everything. Glad you got your house back. lol. Talk soon. xo

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. It does get easy to lose sight…everyday I need to remind myself to slow down… sit straight… breathe… lol… That may just be me tho. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It’s very much appreciated.

  1. You know this is really so good I actually couldn’t remember what I did for myself the last time its actually because I’ve been super busy but thank you for the tips I’ll definitely start using these once Im free.🤍✨

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