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WWW Wednesday #22 Meet My Niece Chloe. She’s Full of Wonder at the Season.

I wanted to share these beautiful pictures of Chloe. This little person holds a very special place in Auntie’s heart as I was there when she was born.

She just celebrated her third birthday. I’ve watched her grow into a confident and independent pre-schooler who’s ready to do everything herself. Chloe has embraced this Christmas Season and all it has to offer. The pix are just way too cute not to share. (yes, I got her mom’s permission.)

Sometimes, I forget what it’s like to have a child around at Christmas, but these pix remind me. Yes, I know the Holidays can be sugar overloaded, have way too much going on, and kids find it difficult to chill out or sleep, but then there are moments like these below, where all of that’s gone and the awe and wonder takes over.

Chloe doing a pandemic covid-safe visit to Santa. Pic by Leesa I.

This pic is indicative of the times as Chloe has her visit to Santa with a Plexiglas barrier between them. Do you think she cares? lol… Nope, she doesn’t care. She’s close to Santa, doesn’t have to sit on his knee, and has the best smile EVER!

Chloe decorating the Christmas tree. Pic by Leesa I.

Here she is– very carefully placing something on the tree. Such a great age.

I hope these pictures of Chloe inspired some of that wonderful spirit of the Holiday Season. Embrace the awe and wonder of the Season. All the Best to you and yours. Be Safe. Be You.

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4 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday #22 Meet My Niece Chloe. She’s Full of Wonder at the Season.”

  1. Hi Faye,
    Awww, beautiful photos!! Thanks for sharing and reminding me to step back and enjoy these precious moments. They make life richer is so many ways!!
    I hope you have a wonderful and special Christmas!! All the very best to you in 2022!!
    Cheers from,

    1. Hi Nancy. Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you liked the pix of wee Chloe and also the message we sometimes forget. All the best for a wonderful Christmas and Here’s to a Great 2022! Thanks for stopping by. Always Appreciated. 🥰🎄

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