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Quote of the Day #7 Curb Your Judgement

As you begin to wind up the year of 2021, keep these wise words of American Civil Rights Activist, Reverend Jesse Jackson, in mind.

Helping someone up could be as simple as having a discussion about issues or opening up your own views to listen in attempts to understand the other side.

Be supportive, instead of judgmental, and helpful, instead of critical.

There are people everywhere who need a hand up. This doesn’t mean enabling or giving money, it means providing help in what ever way you can to assist, lift, or give someone a boost.

Just tuck this little tidbit in your heart of wonders and pull it out when needed.

Auntie Lesson:

We’re all more alike than different. It’s not up to us to say who’s right and wrong. It’s our job within humanity to listen and stop the judgement. What do you think? How do you think you could help someone “up”? Leave a note in the comments

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2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day #7 Curb Your Judgement”

  1. Hello Auntie, three hours of babysitting in my home.. free of charge, three months old, giving Mom a break once a-wee. I benefit as much as Mom and three months old Baby. A good roundabout of volunteering. Hope to do it for a few more months.. after that?
    I will find something else. There are many opportunities if one is looking for it. Happy New Year to All.

    1. Marianna, this is so wonderful. It is a gift to both of you and I’m so glad you get the opportunity to hang with baby and give mom that much needed break. What a great thing! Happy New Year to you too. xo💕🎉🎊💕

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