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Auntie Says: When it Comes to Common Sense, it’s Really Not That Hard. Just Stop, Think, and Consider the Outcome.

What Part of Common Sense Don’t you Understand?

Oh my, doesn’t that remind you of a parents finger-waving, lecture question! LOL. I can hear it now, asking…what were you thinking?

My silent answer was, shit ma, I wasn’t thinking and that’s what made it so fun.

It was spontaneous, probably dangerous, and full of stupidity. The truth of the matter is that being the 7th of 8 kids had its advantages. By the time mom and dad got to me, they were tired. Lol…they didn’t know half of what I did.

(Sigh…no this is not an Auntie endorsement to go out and do stupid things…)

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But then I say, don’t listen to my antics. I’m not stupid and I’m not falling for your crap filled answers. Um no, I’m Auntie and I expect some truth in exchange for nonjudgemental common sense.

That’s why I’m here– to remind you to buck up that common sense and start using it.

There’s a Little Voice in Your Head that Says Maybe You Shouldn’t… It’s Name is Common Sense

You’d think that common sense advice would be… well, common.. , but reality shows me that it’s lacking at so many levels. You may be trying to fool the world, but trust me, you’re not.

  • I see you on your phone as your driving.
  • I see you smoking as you walk to school with your latte.
  • I see you roaming the store watching… pilfering.
  • I see you trying to be something you’re not because it’s cool.
  • I know you’re having sex.
  • I know you’re making choices that go against your own values.
  • I recognize the look of defeat in your eyes.
  • I see the smile is forced.
  • I hear the lies pouring from you and wonder why.
  • I smell the weed.
  • I hear the disrespect and ugliness.
  • I recognize your loneliness and aloneness.
  • I know you’re confused sometimes but you can talk to me.
  • I can sense that you’ve stopped caring.
  • I see the wounds, the limping, the pain.
  • I sense the deflection.
  • I feel your dark burning anger.
  • I hear your words but they don’t sound like you.
  • I not only feel, but I hear, and sense, the frustration you’re experiencing.
  • I recognize your face, your heart, and your being, but the attitude is foreign.
  • I know you want independence. That’s normal but lying isn’t.
  • I sincerely need you to know–and I hope common sense tells you–you’e not alone.

Common Sense Step One… Stop.

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I’m not telling you to stop your behavior, your sass, or your life… I just want you to stop your brain from screaming about the unfairness of life, and just consider the other side.

Stop and breathe–step away from your anger, your social aspirations, or your dissatisfaction with the world/parents/friends/self/God/whatever it is that has a grip on you.

You’re the only one who can identify it, or put words to it, and you can’t do that and the actions at the same time.

Awareness is such a powerful tool in not only finding your own common sense, but in putting it into action.

Common Sense Step Two… Think.

This may seem like an obvious thing that seems rather moot, but the act of thinking is such a difficult thing to do because you need to consider what you’re doing and why.

Common Sense Step Three… Consider the Outcome.

You know, I often think that if Princess Diana had been wearing a seatbelt, she’d still be alive today. It was such a small common sense thing to do, but she failed to do it and it she died because of it. If only…

Some things, like checking your phone while you’re driving or not wearing a seatbelt, or drinking alcohol and then getting behind the wheel and driving…. do you really consider these things to be acceptable? What does your common sense say?

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Look back on the list I made. How many of those behaviors do you have? Consider each one and ask yourself what you can do different. It’s not only for you, but for those around you.

You’re not stupid. You’ve got loads and loads of common sense tucked back in your brain somewhere. Make sure you pull it out before it’s too late.

Auntie Lesson:

Even if you think you’re alone and unseen, know that your decisions and actions have consequences. Practice the three steps of common sense: stop, think, consider. Will you do this?

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