My Twisted Writer Brain…

Do You Need a Reminder to Take A Writing Break Over the Holiday Season? or Into the New Year?

Writing is Work. Don’t forget to Schedule that Break.

The following is a message from Amie McNee a Creativity Coach, Author, Book Doula and Journaller that I follow on Instagram as inspiredtowrite. She’s a great motivator so go follow her if you’re on Instagram.

It’s funny, because sometimes as writers and creatives, we forget to take a break. I know I’m guilty of keeping going through holiday–whether it be Christmas Holidays or laying on the beach. My brain never stops. My internal dialogue never stops. My writer brain is a bit twisted.

I believe though, that McNee’s note caught my attention for a reason. I needed to heed her words to slow down and take a break from writing.

Here’s her note. I saw it a day or two before the Christmas Holidays and chose to take a weeks break.

McNees note that she posted on Instagram seemed to be written especially for me.

Did you Continue to Write Through the Holiday?

Writing is intrinsic to my day. I’m not used to taking time off or just hanging around doing nothing. But that’s an expectation I put upon myself and no one else.

This year I was fairly organized in knowing my deadlines and what I needed to get scheduled and/or sent off.

On Christmas Eve, I shut the computer down and put my phone away to allow for a quiet family celebration. Then over Christmas Day and Boxing Day (Dec 26th), I read and napped… and then read and napped again. It was wonderful.

The break wasn’t very long, but it was what I needed to recharge that creative battery.

Now What? The Holidays are Done So Are you Back to Your Writing?

Phew. Can we get back to normal now?

Are you stuffed with turkey, more chocolate than you thought you could ever eat, and enough egg nog to take out the Easter Bunny? Well, you’re not alone.

The over-indulgence in all things related to the holidays are an exciting venture to begin with, but soon turn boring and laborious. Ugh… Another box of dark chocolate truffles… I know you know what I’m talking about and I sincerely hope you took a break from the office/keyboard, no matter what that looked like.

Be Gentle With Yourself and Your Writing into the New Year.

We all know that resolutions don’t work so don’t try and pressure yourself into a strict foreign regime with your writing.

Your creative brain is like the muscles in your body and shouldn’t be expected to adapt to a strict new routine just because you flipped over the page of the calendar. Nope. No way.

It’s okay to set goals and make plans for your writing projects, but don’t go full-tilt-one- hundred-miles-an-hour, right away. It’ll backfire.

You’ll either exhaust that creative edge you have or simply not be able to keep up with the pace you set for yourself.

Remember to take it easy on yourself and your muse.

OR– to the Contrary–It’s a New Year… Write Like You’ve Never Done Before.

I’m not you.

I’m not in your brain.

I have no idea how much prep you’ve been doing mentally, emotionally, or physically.

So… it’s important to say…

Don’t let anyone tell you how to schedule your day or your creative time. It’s yours and you need to do it your way.

Writing is such a personal endeavor so just remember to seize the day and Be You. But don’t ever feel guilty for taking a break. Those breaks can be your secret recharge.

Happy New Year. Happy Writing.

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