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Five Ways to Realize You’ve Become a Kacklin’ Karen!

What is “a Karen”?

Many hear the term, but have no idea that they actually fit into this awful meme/stereotype given to middle-aged plus women who speak their mind and wield a sharp hateful tongue. These women (who are always white), feel entitled to point out others’ errors, failings, and perceived shortcomings just because they can.

And, just so you know, it’s not just women who exercise this type of behaviour. A male equivalent is called “A Ken”.

Where Did The Term Come From?

The term was popularized on Black Twitter as a meme used to describe white women who “tattle on Black kids’ lemonade stands” or who unleash the “violent history of white womanhood”.


Phew…that’s quite the definition isn’t it? Does it sound familiar?

Can you see yourself in that type of behaviour in yourself.

Remember that woman in Central Park who called the police because an African American man had binoculars and was bird watching in the park? You can see the video below…

What is Wrong With People?

I must say that this woman above (the Central Park Karen) is an embarrassment to the world. I know she’s apologized (and I hope she took some dog owner course…like seriously?), but she’s a fucking idiot who should be ashamed of herself. With that type of thinking and behaviour, the world will never move forward.

So What Prompted This Post?

Believe me when I say, Karens live all over the world. Right now I’m travelling in the USA and was disgusted by a group of older white women who I dubbed the Kacklin’ Karens.

I was at the next table and could hear them talking about other people. Their language was derogatory–never specific, but alas very clear as to who they were talking about. They discussed at length the inadequacies of the local casino that had hired a bunch of “Indians” and “black folk”… That’s how they talked.

It was all judgemental, negative, and laced with racism. And the whole time, guess what they did? Yup, they kackled like a bunch of bitchy old hens, who were superior to all, as they clucked their way around the whole farmyard.

I wondered afterwards if these women realized how stupid they sounded? Frankly, I was embarrassed for them and felt bad for anyone who had to deal with them.

Five Ways to Know if You’re a Karen?

1. You Demand to See the Manager in Order to Belittle Staff

So, you’re in a restaurant, big-box store, or wherever, and you feel disrespected. Doesn’t matter what but…something is stuck in your craw–and it often has to do with the young worker (who is probably of color), and you’re going to keep complaining/fighting/arguing until you’re acknowledged as right, superior, and all-knowing.

Hell, it could be the way the staff are wiping the tables or greeting the customers… It doesn’t matter. Something gets you and your puny little brain sees red and won’t stop. Go watch the video above…is that you?

2. The Rules are the Rules…

There’s a family across the street and the little kids go outside with chalk and draw pictures all over the sidewalk.

oh oh… PING!! Karen to the rescue!!

Off you go to tell those little kids that the rules of the gated community clearly state….(Karen flips to her detailed and marked copy of the Strata/HOA minutes and pulls up the decision…). “See!! Right there…” Karen points and taps the sheet… “There’s to be NO defacing of shared space or property…that includes chalk. Get this shit off of here now or I’ll call the police.”

At this point, mom and dad are running out of the house to deal with you as the kids are quivering in their wee sneakers as they cry in fear.

Oh my god….Please go gentle on the little one selling lemonade on the next block.

3. The Rules are the Rules…For Other People…Not a Karen!

The local government (or store policy) calls for a mask mandate for all stores and indoor facilities. It’s the law, but Karen doesn’t like it.

Yup, she’s the one you saw on YouTube who screamed like an idiot because the law didn’t apply to her. She’ll do it her way.

The rules and laws are for others. Imagine a store having a rule about wearing shoes? shirts? clothes? Ugh…Grow the fuck up. The world is not yours alone.

4. White. Privileged. and Always Right.

A Karen is always white and comes from privilege, though she wouldn’t see it that way. Here, we are speaking of her white privilege. The unquestioning and unfettered way she moves around society and her life.

She does so like she’s always correct and untouchable. She usually angry and vengeful. Why? Who knows?

As a package, it presents as a very sad representation of white women and makes me wanna cry.

5. Your Actions Make Little to No Sense to the Average Person.

You are loud, demanding and ignorant.

You immediately go to the police to plead your case.

Racism is laced firmly through your DNA.

You laugh and poke fun like the Kacklin’ Karens that inspired this post.

You’re probably married to a Ken (the male equivalent)…and frankly, you should be ashamed of yourself.

‘Nuf Said.

Go get a life.

Thanks for reading. Do you know a Karen? Let me know below in the comments. Any stories? Remember to follow below too.

8 thoughts on “Five Ways to Realize You’ve Become a Kacklin’ Karen!”

  1. I’m happy to say I haven’t ran into a Karen or Ken that I can think of. Oh….I just remembered. I was on the bus going to Vancouver. In the seat on the other side was a middle aged white man sitting by himself. As people were getting on the bus a young black girl got on and sat in the empty seat beside him. Well!!! He didn’t say anything to her but made it Crystal clear he didn’t want her there. I motion to her to come and sit with me and she did. What a jerk!

    1. Hey Heather. You’re lucky you haven’t run into any Karens or Kens who are real overt. It’s like those news things where you have some white woman screaming like a lunatic at an Asian woman…it’s everywhere unfortunately. I’m glad that girl on the bus had you. Jerk is right! Thanks for visiting and commenting. xo

  2. I know Karens. In my family, both my mom and my mother-in-law. But my mom would complain to my dad, and he’d have to do the dirty work. Much of the time he would argue with her to get her to see it wasn’t a big deal, but he was ultimately emotionally abused by that woman and was married and committed to her. Now that he’s gone she has no one at the moment to do her bidding.

    On the other hand my mother-in-law has no problem telling customer service employees that she doesn’t want to talk to them, that she wants to speak to an American. On many occasions she’s gotten the manager at restaurants to complain about service, when the restaurants were busy. So the service wasn’t fast enough. My kids are horrified now when they witness it.

    1. OMG! I’m with your kids. I’d be horrified too. I don’t really get it. Does your mom or mil actually think they’re “right” or are they so deranged that they simply need to belittle to feel better than?
      Your poor dad…henpecked by a Karen. So sad. Thanks for stopping by Krisitina. I so appreciate you sharing.

  3. Thanks for the definition. I wondered where the term came from. Interesting though: a woman who does this is called a Kacklin Karen. A man who does this is called a senator.

    1. Yes! The double standard is disgusting. It’s interesting though because I believe they work on getting women to do the dirty work. 🤔Do you know what I mean? Hey young lady…you need to take a stand. Don’t let “them” speak to you like that… But then there’s real life where you have these frickin Kacklin’ Karens yelling in the faces of visible minorities and telling them how useless they are and that they should go back to their “own” country. Heavy sigh…
      Thanks for stopping by. 😊

  4. I agree there are definitely women and men in society who behave the way you describe in your post. However, I know some lovely women named Karen and good men named Ken. I wish that if it is necessary to ‘label’ the individuals whom you describe, that they could be called something other than perfectly good names that are often those of decent, kind people. My honest, humble opinion.

    1. Hi Laurel. I totally get it. I too have friends named Karen and definitely feel for them as they too are great and lovely people. This whole “Karen” thing started as a meme that took off. If my mom called me Karen I’d wear it proudly. Actions speak louder than words. 🥰

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