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WWW Wednesday #36 What Makes Wonderful Candy–It Isn’t This…

Happy Wednesday everyone.

I have a huge sweet tooth. To me, candy shouldn’t be sour or get stuck in my teeth… nope, it should be melty and smooth to satisfy a deep inner need for a much needed hug. The better the quality, the better the love.

One day, on our travels, we stopped at a gas station. I love going into American gas stations because their candy and snack options are always just a bit different than home.

But then I found these and threw up a little in my mouth🤢…YUCK! Do you remember these huge ooey-gooey disappointments?

I haven’t seen them in years and was actually quite fine with that–thank you very much. A similar product surfaces at Christmas time though. It’ always so disheartening to open what you thought were decadent box of chocolates, only to find out they’re all maraschino cherries.

What a great and wonderful way to ruin chocolate 🤮.

What candy do you remember hating when you were a kid? and perhaps still do as an adult.

Happy Day.

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4 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday #36 What Makes Wonderful Candy–It Isn’t This…”

  1. Those nasty Easter egg candies with bright colours on the outside, hard and white on the inside! And at Hallowe’en, those sticky, chewy candies wrapped in orange paper that stick to your teeth! LOL, both were my mom’s favourites; we always got lots of them in our Christmas stockings and lots from trick-or-treats … and I joyfully handed them all over to her!

    1. Oh Yes!! I know the Easter eggs you speak of…they’re like nasty little sugar cubes… There’s also the chocolate ones with the white goo and “yolk”…ugh.
      And those molasses toffees at Halloween. Funny my mom liked them too. I hated them. Our moms must be of the same era! lol.
      Thanks for sharing Norma. Do you like the Maraschino cherry things?

    1. Oh Billie… don’t do it. lol. It’s funny because I know people must like them or they would have stopped making them years ago. I’m glad your hubby likes them. If you can avoid going to the dark side, it would be good. lol😊😉

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