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Auntie’s Asking #2. What Do You Think About Young People Working Half Naked?

What Does an Honest Days Work Look Like?

Recently I was in Las Vegas where we know that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but alas, I’m curious what you think of the young people who work as picture props for visitors.

There are many young women, but there are young men too… drag queens, trans, leather clad dudes… Anything to get attention.

Here’s How it Works:

The “entertainers” are allotted a circle of space. They stay within it and call out to passersby to come closer and get a picture taken with them for a price.

There’s no photographer, just the props in the circle and a guest with a camera/phone.

The guest is to pay cash to the girls for posing with them. You can see in the pics that the girls have a bag to stash the cash.

Pictures can get a little raunchy with some men grabbing, leering, and otherwise making an ass of himself. There are two girls working together and they often do the splits or have the guest hold up their legs.

Auntie’s Asking…What Do You Think?

The one thing I try desperately not to do in life, is judge someone else. These young women are breaking no laws and are making a living.

I’m trying to reconcile these women with the ones I know and am thinking that perhaps they’re pretty smart.

I hope they’re making lots of money from guests who want their pix done.

There are many who see this as part of the Las Vegas experience–especially the big pink feathers and go-go boots. Even little kids get their pix done as mom and dad hand over cash.

My fear would be the party environment that is constantly a buzz around them.

If they can stay away from drugs, alcohol, and the sex industry (is this the sex industry 🤔…hmm–no. They’re selling a fantasy not the act) then more power to them. I’d say the same for strippers, dancers, Hooter servers…etc.

Make those bucks, stuff it in the bank and pay for your education. I hope that’s the way it works.

There are other considerations too. Pictures stay online forever. Do you care? Will you become an Attorney one day and have pix of your bare butt flashed before everyone. It’s something to think about.

And guys, I’m not forgetting about you. I guess for anyone involved, you need to keep your pride and inner-self intact. Don’t sell your soul for a measly few bucks.

For those who are drag queens or in the LGBTQ+ group, it worries me that it’s a step backward in mockery. Is it? I’m asking you.

The idea of entertainment, sex, and young people is nothing new. If they’re in control of the situation and taking advantage of their youth and beauty, is there anything wrong with that? Models do it all the time… So do actresses, actors, and the Instagram influencers.

So, Auntie’s Asking… what do you think?

Write your opinion in the comments and lets’ discuss a little further.

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3 thoughts on “Auntie’s Asking #2. What Do You Think About Young People Working Half Naked?”

  1. I have 3 daughters, 1 is 19, so I hear about all kinds of ways ppl can make money selling pictures of body parts. And I definitely don’t judge the people who have done those things or are considering them. What I do condemn is the world, that convinces kids that’s their worth: selling themselves or selling pics of themselves. That it’s the best way to make money. Or that money is really worth that much. I’ve read about boys in India who were planning on changing genders with surgery because they believed women sex workers made more money. And I’ve also read of girls who planned on changing their genders due to unequal pay. This is the world we live in.

    1. Hi Kristina! You must hear it all! It’s so sad the way the world values $ over a personal life… It’s really worldwide. The screwed up thinking and ideas come from somewhere. The people around them, family, friends. When I was in Vegas, some of the young girls on “display” looked so young and innocent…others had a hardness to them… The whole thing is sad.
      There is a real disconnect between what they “do” (like you say–selling pix online) to who they really are.
      Does your 19 yo dtr ever bring up the ‘sugar daddy’ thing? I know that’s a big one too…
      I so appreciate your views and communication in this area. Some don’t even recognize that it exists… Much appreciated. xo

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