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WWW Wednesday #38. Don’t Tell Her What to Do, Cuz She Will…It’s Not WW or W 😮

I love my Wacky, Wonderful, and Whimsical Wednesdays.

Usually I’m out and about exploring the world to bring you one of the “W”s.

Alas, time is tight as I’m working hard to finish a manuscript, but I still wanted to see you all on WWW Wednesday, so I pulled out a pic to share with you.

Let me explain: Recently my husband and I were in Southern Arizona and we visited the historical site of the Yuma Territorial State Prison. This hell-hole housed both men and women in the scorching heat.

Though Moreno was in for murder, most of the women were in prison for adultery.

Picture taken by me in Yuma Arizona, March 2022

The moral of the story is

A: Don’t piss of your sister.

B: Don’t tell her to kill you…that’s like really stupid.


C: Dance like nobody’s watching!

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone. Leave me a comment below to let me know you were here. Talk soon.

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