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WWW Wednesday #39. Whimsy, Wonder, and Weird all For You in A Thrift Store.

This is me in a thrift store in southern USA. So much fun.
I ended up buying a top quality cast iron fry pan for $6. And yes, I’m using it.

When I go to town I love to browse through thrift stores. I’m never looking for anything in particular, but enjoy the mishmash of goods that no longer serve the person from their previous destination.

Have you ever stopped to think who wore that whimsical petite fascinator?

Maybe someone found it in a shop from England and it belongs to Princess Kate… You can make any story up that you like. It’s kind of fun to guess the history of some of the stuff.

Don’t forget to look at all the cookware. Some is barely used, if at all, while others show the wear and tear of many meals prepared and served.

lol…I was comparing my nails to Barbie.

And, the shoes… I find these fascinating.

They say you never know a person until you walk in their shoes… I guess this would be a literal take on it.

The shoes to me are the most emotional… they brim with miles and curl their toes in sadness.

Just go to any thrift store and study them. Contemplate their stories. Where’ve they been? What experiences have they had?

Thrifting is a growing thing for many, as we try and undo the damage we’ve done with so many goods hitting the landfill.

You can get clever and recycle and reuse. If you sew then you’re laughing because there are clothes that go on forever.

If you have nothing to do for an hour or two, don’t be shy, pop into the thrift store and take a look around. I’d love to see what you find or hear about any finds you’ve turned into treasures. And if there’s any writers’ out there…don’t forget to go in with an open heart to receive all the inspiration and energy that floating around.

Oh, I wonder how many term papers were written on this old babe. I don’t ever recall seeing a typewriter with 1/4 and 1/2 keys. Hmmm….But hey, the G. How are you gonna write without the G?

Have fun! Tell me your best thrift store find.

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