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April is Poetry Month: My Poem: Humbled Through Truth

Just recently, Pope Francis offered an apology on behalf of the Catholic church to the Indigenous peoples of Canada. This was for the churche’s actions, and lack thereof, in the residential schools throughout he 20th Century.

This is a step forward in the healing.

This poem below, I wrote last year when unmarked graves were being discovered all across the country. The truth is out and it’s shocking.

I wrote this poem for the inaugural Indigenous People’s Day June 2021. I hope it resonates. Please let me know below what you think.

Indigenous People’s Day

there is nothing I can say or do
to bring back lost babies and children
into the ever-waiting arms of their parents
though times passed wounds are fresh

i want to embrace. soothe and ease the pain
but their wound is long standing. runs deep
within me there is guilt through ignorance borne
how could i not have known? how?

as we look t'ward the day set aside
new meaning has birthed realizations of
sanctified genocide in beloved canada
in front of us all. now splayed bare

distrust of red surge on government duty
understood for the brutal reality
of ripping asunder nations on their lands
generations of stolen potential. gifts of life

cross yourself and raise thine eyes
under the guise of church approved torture
bastard pedophiles left to defile innocents
no one stopped them. no. one. stopped. them.

in our world now i weep for those families
my apology of recognition is all i have to give
as i back away head down in consult to allow
families and communities to grieve in peace

faye e arcand

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