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WWW Wednesday #45. A Wonderful Gang of Guy Goats

Lately, there’s been a lot going on in my work life so when my hubby shouted for me to look out the window, I grabbed my phone to take a look.

This is what I saw.

These are California Bighorn Sheep… not goats as I called them 🤣 (oopsy)

These bad boys are powerful, agile, and fun to watch. I hope you enjoy this wonderful little show.

Happy Wonderful Wednesday. 🤗

video taken by me! lol. So clever. Enjoy …only 38 seconds long.

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6 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday #45. A Wonderful Gang of Guy Goats”

  1. I love these guys. It’s almost like they have a little bit of a superpower the way they can walk and balance them self on rocks, hills and cliffs.
    I hope you get this comment because my comments have not been posted.

    1. Hey Heather. Yes. Agreed. They’re so agile and splendid to watch.
      I found all your comments. I think when you asked me to remove one it removed them all. Sorry about that. I got em!

  2. Very cool. Thanks for sharing. I found myself cocking my phone off to one side to see more the sheep. Duh.

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