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WWW Wednesday #47… To Stand Alone in Whimsy

I like to think that we can all stand tall and proud in our lives.

We are social beings and need others around us, but not always.

To be alone, means to recharge, refocus, and steady our beating hearts. Some don’t like it.

Personally, I thrive on it. I’m also smart enough to recognize those around me who hold me up when I can’t do it alone. I’m the perfect paradox of a social loner. I embrace and relish them both.

I was reminded of this as I was walking the other day and saw this lone flower. It’s bright beauty still shone through, and perhaps even more so since it didn’t have to compete. 

A lone flower stands strong amongst the weeds and cast-off gravel. Pic by me Faye Arcand

Then I went further down the road and spotted this Inuksuk. Again, all alone but peaceful and sturdy. 

Somehow, these struck me in their powerful stance to remind me that we’re all alone at times. Be it physically or with our thoughts.

This is an Inuksuk…standing proud, loud, and alone. Picture by me:Faye Arcand

I breathed the whimsy of thought and presentation–one natural and the other man made–as I continued on my walk.

I probably wouldn’t have noticed them had they been amongst a crowd. 

Just saying. Happy Wednesday.


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8 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday #47… To Stand Alone in Whimsy”

  1. What a lovely flower pic! The other one is nice, too, but the poppy is so much in line with being alone and thriving. It’s how I’m feeling these days, even though I just started going back to my regular writing group. Needed their input.

    1. Thank you for your comments. I too love that pic of the poppy…. alone and thriving–I love that. So glad you’re back in the swing of regular writing groups! That’s so important to stay in the loop. I’ve been organizing Wine Country Wine Festival so I’m pretty excited about that. Stay well. xo

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