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Love, Marriage, then Babies… or Not. It’s Okay to Change Your Mind.

A few years ago, I wrote about a 20 something young woman who faced this same question over and over again after getting married. She had no maternal instinct, didn’t want kids, but was bombarded with the same question constantly.

When are you gonna have a baby?

Short of the fact that it’s absolutely nobodies business, the question actually gets pretty frikken rude when you have no idea what’s going on in that young woman’s life, her relationships, her body, and her personal limitations at the current time.

As circumstances change, so do personal choices and options.

Perhaps someone who was all gung-ho to have six kids, all of sudden decides to join the ‘zero-population-growth’ movement and save the planet. That’s okay.

Maybe someone who was once married and dead set against the idea of growing a living being in her uterus, is now more open to the idea. No pressure. Your choice.

Maybe a single woman decides to adopt and forego the whole marriage thing. Brava!

Another single woman may choose to go the in-vitro route and end up with twins–who knows, right?

Here’s the thing…. None of it is your business. Stop asking young women when they’re going to start popping out babies. She may have some sort of medical condition that doesn’t allow her to have children. Maybe she’s married to a complete jerk, or perhaps …shocker of all shocker… she doesn’t like, or want, kids.

It’s none of your business.

Go back and read that last sentence again until it sinks in.

And, though I hadn’t planned on touching on the entire Roe v Wade issue, I just want to say–that’s none of your business either.

When a woman is ovulating, menstruating, pregnant, or not pregnant… is between her and her doctor and whomever she chooses to speak with. I can guarantee, it’s not you.

Yes, a woman can change her mind about abortion too, but again…

It’s none of your business.

Have a super duper day.


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