My Twisted Writer Brain…

I’m Still Here. Off Grid for a Bit, but Close by.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written, but I’m still here.

I’ve been centered on the Wine Country Writers’ Festival for the past several weeks. It really is a lot of work to organize a Festival. We’re at the stage of Build it and They Will Come... so go register. We’d love to see you.

Building up the Festival is a dream come true. It’s a joy to meet so many great representatives of the writing community. There are SO many talented people out there.

Now with that said, I need to remember my own work too. So, I’ve decided to hit New York. Whoop Whoop.

After many years of wanting to go, it was my husband who talked me into it. He’s my biggest cheerleader! What am I talking about? Well, the Writer’s Digest Writing Conference in New York City, of course.

I believe this will be their first in-person event since covid. I can’t wait.

I’ve booked my pitch-slam (I’ll tell you all about it), have reserved tickets for Trevor Noah taping (yes, I’ll take pix), and of course I’ve begun to make connections with the other writers who will be attending from all over the world.

Technically, I’ll be off-grid, but not really. I’ll try to write a quick post in the evenings (when I can).

So, don’t forget me. I’m still here. Wish me luck.

Talk soon.

5 thoughts on “I’m Still Here. Off Grid for a Bit, but Close by.”

  1. Hi Faye. I’m excited to hear you are going to the writers digest writing conference in New York. Wow…. I’m sure it will be amazing

  2. Faye! How fun! I’m so excited for you. I have been to New York a few times and absolutely love the city, the beauty and messiness of Manhattan. Have a fabulous time and share with us whenever you can!

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