Nano Day Three… Are You Still Writing?

Hi. I’m checking in with my day three count. I got started a little later than I wanted by was still able to get the scene down that I wanted.

I can feel the energy beginning to pour back into me. It’s magical really.

It feels like its been so long since I wrote in a creative way that it takes some getting back in the groove, but it’s beginning to happen.

How about you? Are you still writing?

I know it’s only day three but NaNo really is a huge commitment.

If you can’t add to your novel, then write a poem or do a prompt. The key is to get into the habit of daily writing. You can do it.

Here’s my first three days:

  • Day One: 496
  • Day Two: 3244
  • Day Three: 719

Apologies for yesterdays post…

I’m not sure what happened to the rest of it. Sigh…

Happy Thursday.

Keep Writing.

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4 thoughts on “Nano Day Three… Are You Still Writing?”

    1. Thanks Norma. I’m surprised how much digging it’s taking to get back in the groove, but I’ll push on. Yay you for fixing/editing your other stuff. All needs to be done. 😊

  1. Glad to hear things are starting to get moving. I had a slow day yesterday and didn’t know where I was going but just put down thoughts. Today they have materialized and I know the direction to take. Looking forward to today’s numbers.

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