My Twisted Writer Brain…

Day Six Nano

I found the opportunity to write today, but alas the muse escapes me.

I’m still in Las Vegas. Hubby went to the air show yesterday and i people watched and hung out with some very different folk.

Seeing so many different walks of life within the visitors to Vegas is interesting as it reminds me of the uniqueness and diversity of the many communities around the globe.

The accents, languages, and physical traits are like a candy store of character traits. So fun to study and observe.

Tomorrow we head home and are supposed to be met by a huge early snowfall. Sigh. It still feels way too early in the season for such nonsense weather. 🤦🏻‍♀️

So my word count today is only 448, but the thoughts reached paper and it more that 447!

The reality is that every word counts. Simple as that.

If you’re struggling with the 1500 words per day for NaNo, then shoot for 150– just keep going. It may be a sentence, a paragraph, a scene, or an entire chapter— truth is, it doesn’t matter— push forward.

See you sometime tomorrow. I’ll try and post some pix of the snow if we’re swamped.

Happy writing. Thanks for reading!

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