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An Age Old Question for WWW Wednesday #55

When I saw this cartoon today on Facebook, I chuckled.

Lol… yes, everything at Costco is huge. The real thing that got me here though, is the very weird way in which is toilet paper (TP) is being shown.

It’s fat, fluffy, and round, but OMG 😳 it’s hangin’ out alllllll wrong!

The paper should roll forward, away from the wall–as it is currently shown is completely wrong. This is not a rational way to hang the TP and I’m in shock and so dismayed for the poor character in the picture…

He’s gonna have to live with upside down TP for a very long time! Don’t let this happen to you.

I’m not terribly picky about a lot of things, but you now know one of my pet peeves.

Happy Wonderful, Whimsical, and Wacky Wednesday.


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