My Twisted Writer Brain…

What Goes on in a Writer’s Brain?

Hi Everyone.

Do all writers become so preoccupied with their current project to a point where other things are left to take care of themselves?

This is me in deep thought. The brain is in constant overdrive.

Seriously, I’m curious to know the answer as I often feel alone in this.

When I started this blog a few years ago I purposely named it My Twisted Writer Brain because as a writer and creative, I believe my brain works differently.


Well, there’s the “obsessed” part–like with putting the Wine Country Writers’ Festival together (in my head 24/7).

Then there’s the “twisted” part–my mind always goes dark. Within the miles of highway of my brain there’s some roses and sunshine, but for the most part, my brain takes me to the twisted depths of human existence.

While that doesn’t necessarily come out on the page, the aura or essence of those I meet on that “highway” do come through in my darker characters.

Me–sometime last winter. Incognito.

In my latest novel, INSIDE OUTSIDE (currently with my agent trying to find a forever home) it’s the mother of one of the protagonists that has that twisted duality… another character is also on the evil side.

For my writer brain, this evens the playing field.

While things don’t need to be taken to the extreme, reality still needs to be voiced and illustrated. People, and therefore characters, all have moods, ambitions, or psychosis’ that they deal with on a daily basis.

Those characters simply present themselves to me as I’m writing. I didn’t stop and dig for them.

I’ve had readers who are thoroughly disgusted with what’s on the page. I’ve been told to “tone it down”, and I’ve been asked where this comes from?

To me, it’s just real. That’s all. Life has darkness and life shows up in my books. Simple as that.

We all channel various parts of our life experience.

Whether it’s via hands-on reality, something we’ve read, watched, observed, or heard about–it all enters the subconscious and who knows when it’ll surface.

My Twisted Writer Brain never stops. It’s whirs constantly.

Nothing is safe around my bustling brain. A man standing on the street wearing a cheap suit and smoking a cigarette, for example, is suddenly transformed into a seedy pimp who’s waiting on his money. His pock marked face is pulled into a constant frown as his deep-set eyes dart from left to right. 

Okay. Me. A bit wacky for sure. Always ready to ride a go-cart
in Tokyo… But what do other brains see?

Or a young girl looking over her shoulder is escaping from a gang of mean girls who’re hell bent on doing her harm. Her cheeks are flushed as she stoops to catch her breath just as a large black sedan drives slowly by and parks on the next block. She pushes herself to her full height and the sudden recognition of the dark haired woman makes her scramble to hide. The girl knows she’s trapped. 

Or sometimes I’ll see two people walking and talking as though there’s no-one else in the world. I picture them as being captured and split up. How would they survive? or would they? would they care? who are they to each other? 

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not 100% on the evil thought side. I like romance too.

I’ll see a young man in the grocery store and pretend he’s buying dinner ingredients for this date that evening. While my brain may want to stroll down that path of how he’s going to mask the taste of the poison, I do try and give him the benefit of the doubt. Lol.

While this may not be normal, I’m used to it and I accept my brain for what it is–twisted and active.

I stopped fighting my brain a long time ago. It’s too exhausting.

Actually, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I hope I haven’t scared you all too much. I’d like to know how your writer brain works. Tell me below.


Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read.

11 thoughts on “What Goes on in a Writer’s Brain?”

  1. Lol I’d call that a perfectly functional writer’s brain. Sometimes I think writers are the most well-adjusted people because they get to release their ‘twisted’ ideas into stories. Other people don’t have that luxury. For instance, Stephen King looks pretty normal for all the stories he’s put out.

    1. lol… I so agree. Those people who just cage and lock everything inside are the twisted ones… That would scare the sh*t out of me. My brain goes so dark sometimes that I wouldn’t want to be left with those crazy thoughts 😂… And always remember Stuart, that looks are deceiving because there’s always something brewing in the writers’ brain. Love it!!

  2. You’re very normal for a writer. I think about peoples backstories all the time and sometimes they get so dark. That sort of imagination is what makes our brain perfect for writing I guess.

  3. Totally get the tunnel vision. I can fall down that so easily when on a project, and then characters start to mingle with characters from other stories, and before I know it, I’m into totally different stories that have nothing to do with what I want to work on now, and I’m running down rabbit holes and wondering where they lead when clocks and dolls and white rabbits start running with me, past me, against me, and then….. I think we speak the same language. 😉

    1. omg I LOVE the proverbial rabbit hole…. I can follow a fluff of dust for hours. I love it sways in the air and then drifts over to land on something new before my brain gives up, only to be roused again by a slight puff of air that no one else feels…. ah the chase. Lol.. I KNOW we speak the same language! lol

    1. Hey Julie! Thanks for stopping by. There is so much darkness in the world that sometimes your brain needs to put it somewhere in order to achieve a semblance of control. The good guy can win, the sick can be healed, and the lonely can find true love. A twisted writer brain is about taking both sides and understanding where they need to be at any moment in time. To stay rigid in thought doesn’t progress art imho. xo

  4. Stop. You’re scaring me because I thought I was the only one who thought that way. I gave the fact that I worked in a small police office as a secretary for seventeen years to why I had those dark thoughts. I know know I have writers brain.

    1. lol…don’t you love having a brain that scares people. Too funny. I’ll bet those 17 years have a lot of stories to tell. Omg… just the thought of it triggers my brain off on murder, sex, and pure mayhem! Sorry about that. I’m sure your office experience was very normal (or not 🤣)… You are not just a dark thinker…. YOU my darling have a twisted writer brain. Welcome to the club.

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