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Writers. Here’s a Nugget of Truth You Should Not Ignore

Recently I heard this piece of advice and it’s been stuck in my brain ever since.

Sorry, I don’t know who said it or in what context, but I took it as a sign from the Universe as being a huge message for writers.

It’s more important

to focus on

the donut…

not the donut hole.

Pic Source: Scopio: Artist Andrej Mitin

Now, without judgement, I want you to read this and then let it ruminate in your writer brain.

Tell me what it means to you.


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8 thoughts on “Writers. Here’s a Nugget of Truth You Should Not Ignore”

  1. It means I spend way too much time focusing on what is missing than what I actually have. It reminds me of a quote about the tiger being held in the cage not by the bars, but by what is between the bars. “It has been said that it’s the space between the bars that holds the tiger. And it’s the silence between the notes that makes the music.”- Wayne Dwyer

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