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Is Looming Disaster Keeping You From Living Your Life?

This winter, while I away, there was a small rock slide in the park where I walk every morning.

Some good sized boulders came down and scarred up the paved path and left a huge divot in the grass.

If you loo closely, you’ll see there are more to come down.

No one was hurt. No animals maimed. It was the earth shifting to make room–that’s all.

So then, a couple of days ago the park people put up what I consider a “liability warning”… saying watch out….Eeekk….

Here’s my question. If I walk along the path, constantly looking up because I’m watching for falling rocks, doesn’t this then leave me vulnerable for other injury… like a bear attack or a face plant as my feet tangle in the sage brush that rolled unnoticed before me?

Always remember that in life we need balance.

We must be aware of our surroundings, while also skipping in glee for the day that brings sun showers or a playful nature.

To glom onto pending disaster…the what if… or the oh no, I’m doomed… is to embrace anxiety, confusion, and a deep-seated mistrust of your own instincts.

Live your life.

Whether it be with relationships, family, love, daily tasks, or simply life in general, you have to work on taking the “what-if” out of the equation.

It’s up to you to put one foot in front of another and keep moving forward.

Please share your thoughts on this topic of What If...

Has it affected your life?


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8 thoughts on “Is Looming Disaster Keeping You From Living Your Life?”

    1. Thanks Lauren. I do pay attention but don’t want to get all paranoid about it. It’s amazing how our brains sense danger and we change paths… not always necessarily so.

  1. Great message! I’m about three chapters in to a book about anxiety, and the word ‘catastrophizing” comes up a LOT! Thanks for the additional reminder that there is good news and wonders to behold!

    1. Hey Dianne. Thanks for stopping by. So true. This rock slide was good news… no one was hurt and now we know. I agree with the “catastrophizing” (that’s a heck of a word!)… it’s a huge thing with so many and eats up a lot of energy and time.

  2. My motto is….why worry about something that probably will not happen. I know, easier said than done.

    1. I think that’s smart Heather and something to repeat to oneself. We do spend way too much time worrying about what will *not* happen. xo

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