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I Just Did a Very Grown Up Thing. You should Try it…

One thing I know about myself is that I have to be conscious and careful of exercising a knee jerk reaction to things I hear, read, or see.

You know the kind I mean…

That full on defensiveness upon seeing someones reaction/response/reply to something you’ve put out there. It can be a blog, a book, a picture, an invitation… doesn’t matter.

Everyone has an opinion and not all of them will be the same as our own.

Sometimes, (and I know I’m not alone in this)…I want to explain to the other person that this is what is meant… or perhaps they could try to consider it from this angle… 🤦🏻‍♀️

My rule of thumb on social media in particular, is to choose engagement carefully and do so wisely.

There’s some nasty people out there who have nothing else better to do that be miserable, and personally, I don’t want to meet them. No thanks.

So, the other day when I read a couple of comments on social media in response to something I posted, my immediate reflex was to hit reply and politely educate the stranger at the other end.

Then, not just once, but twice, i wrote my response, read it, felt totally indicated and then erased the response.

Like how frikken mature is that? 🫣

These decisions left me feeling powerful and in control. 😊

It’s a good day. 😎


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2 thoughts on “I Just Did a Very Grown Up Thing. You should Try it…”

  1. I found out writing it down and Reading it over two or three times and then making the decision whether to send it or not is the sensible thing to do. I’ve learned from experience. It’s a horrible feeling sending something that you immediately regret. But you do get the same satisfaction of writing it down as if you had sent it.

    1. Hey Heather. You’re completely correct. Having that satisfaction of writing it out without the regret! So smart. I too have learned from experience. It’s kind of one of those life lessons that’s good to learn sooner, rather than later.

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