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WWW Wednesday #57 It’s Weird How Writing is Like Dieting

Ahhh…. the wonderful mind games.

Have you ever felt the need to shed a few pounds? Jump onto the ol’ diet bandwagon?

We’ve all been there and if you’re a writer, you’ll appreciate that it’s just like getting in-your-head about writing.

Are you following me?

Stay with me… just keep reading.

You’ll see…I promise.

Let’s just swap out “of mice and men” and put in “of dieters and writers” …. 😉

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Diet Contemplation

You lay in bed, knowing that the diet can’t start until Monday… that’s a given.

You always start on a Monday.

It’ll be easy…

You plan out the daily menus and see how simple it all is…

You’ll say no to things you shouldn’t have…✋ and stop when necessary🛑…

Easy peasy, right?

As you lay there, ready to fall asleep, everything makes sense and there’s no stopping you! Success is yours.

Writing Contemplation

You lay in bed, feeling the story.

You’ll definitely start tomorrow, because you always start tomorrow.

Words flow effortlessly to fill your pages as you fade into a light sleep.

The characters are alive and so dang smart! They cooperate and add to the story in every possible way.

Wonderful and complete discussions and plot revisions are had in your head.

It’ll be so clear now when you sit down to write.

Easy peasy, right?

The reality? We all know.

Weird but true. 🤷🏻‍♀️


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4 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday #57 It’s Weird How Writing is Like Dieting”

    1. lol…I’m so glad someone “gets” it… ohhhh those late night silent chats we have in our brains… They’re wonderful, aren’t they? 😂

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