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What Are You Reading? Book Review: Hello Beautiful…

I just finished listening to a lovely literary novel about four sisters whose lives intertwine, clash, and come together over the years.

Hello Beautiful by Ann Napolitano Random House March 2023

I’m not always a big fan of literary fiction as I find it too descriptive and drawn out.

I normally go for the punchy commercial fiction that’s more about the story rather than the art of the writing, but this story, and its characters, drew me in.

The story centers around the lives of four sisters. The oldest, Julia, is the matriarch whose sisters follow her and depend on her for advice, nurturing, and direction.

In her first year of college, Julia meets William, a broken young man who grew up without love, recognition, or connection. He grew up surrounded by silent tragedy as his older sister died when he was an infant.

The vivacious and driven Julia, determined to build success and fortune, fails to see the dimming of William’s light as she pushes forward.

As he pulls away, will Julia still be able to love him? Can she accept his decisions and actions that are so against her own beliefs and perceptions of reflected dignity, or can she accept him as he is?

What happens is something that affects not only Julia and William but all the sisters and the future of family.

Can you embrace and love someone with all their shortcomings or do you walk away?

Then there’s the homage to the title that reflects on the fact that you don’t really know the person behind the broken spirit of who they are versus what strangers, acquaintances, and friends see.

The story is sad, heartbreaking, invigorating, and a nod to strong women who know what they need to do regardless of who’s watching or what the outcome may be.

Wonderful read. Stunning writing.

Brava Ann Napolitano.

Totally recommend.

Tell me what you thought of Hello Beautiful.

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5 thoughts on “What Are You Reading? Book Review: Hello Beautiful…”

      1. Hey Lorna! I think you’ll love this book. It’s a bit more literary than I normally read but it was done so skillfully that it was smooth and beautiful. Enjoy. Let me know what you think after you read it.

    1. Oh Erin, I think you’ll really love it. Let me know when you read it… And I can SO relate to that “list”… lol. I’ve got them all over the house, the car, my purse, my phone….love it. Hope this finds you well and doing lots of writing. ox

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