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Five Simple Ways to Ensure You Have the Best Business Cards

Before you press enter to order your new business cards, consider these five things.

FIRST: Color and style.

These are my cards.

Are the cards you’ve finally chosen, reflective of who you are and the vibe you’re wanting to portray?

Choose a font that is legible and clear. Some of the calligraphy fonts are very cool and artistic, but impossible to read.

As you can see, mine are neutral and simple. They’re very calming and mature. (though I’m not always those things… 😂)

I like the rounded corners because they don’t fray as much, but that’s just a personal preference.

When you’re looking at shape, consider what people will do with your card. Will it fit in their wallet or card holder?

If its square and oversized they can stand out or be a pain in the butt… Make the choice that’s right for you.

Color is again a personal and professional preference. I find neutrals great because they don’t feel so trendy.

If you have brand colors, by all means use them to reflect on your business.

Make it you but remember its about business.

SECOND: Email and Socials

Here’s the back of my card. QR code is great and do you think they’ll know my name by the time they read the card a couple of times… That’s the idea 💯

Choose an email address that is easy to deal with.

One time I ordered some cards with mytwistedwriterbrain@… Well, like holy-moly, isn’t that just a whole lot of letters to type out and decipher.

I ended up purchasing the email domain of

It’s short, easy, and professional. I consider it an investment.

Put a couple of socials on and/or link tree.

Perhaps consider a QR code for simplicity.

THIRD: Glossy or Not?

This is just a personal preference, but I like the matte finish.

The glossy is very difficult to write on if you need to make a note for someone on your card.

And, if you use a marker, it’s easily smudged. Just something to keep in mind.

FOURTH: Does it Say What You Do?

As you can see from my cards, it says exactly what I am and what I do. Writer. Author. Creative. Boom… all right there.

Don’t try to be cryptic or rely on people’s memories when it comes to your business cards.

I’ve received some stunning cards that are colorful, vibrant, and only have a name and email. I have no idea who, or what, these people represent or do.

A pretty card does’t help me remember you or make you stand out any more than the neutral colored, simple card.

Five: Leave Your Phone Number Off

Unless you have a dedicated phone line for your business, I would highly recommend you leave your phone number off the card.

I learned this the hard way many years ago.

I was at an event and handed out many business cards because, heck, that’s what what you do when you’re at an event.

Two days later, I started getting weird calls from someone who’d received one of my business cards. It seemed legit at the start, but the calls were followed by texts and more calls.

When I made my cards, I hadn’t considered that someone would call or text about anything not related to the subject at hand.

Long story-short… The calls persisted to a point of creepy so I changed my phone number and tossed the cards.

Lesson learned… don’t put any personal information on your cards… no phone number, no addresses, etc. Keep it professional and simple.

That personal information can be provided when a business relationship is established.

I hope this helps you navigate the business card sites and makes choosing just a little bit easier.


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2 thoughts on “Five Simple Ways to Ensure You Have the Best Business Cards”

  1. Oops…I have my phone number on my business card.
    Your advice is very good. Thanks. Next time.

    1. Hey Heather! Not to worry. It was more an issue with the larger crowds with strangers… and some “strange” strangers. lol. Thanks for the kind words. xo

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